March 29, 2017

What is Hacking ? Who are Hackers? Types of Hackers..

What is Hacking?
There are many definations for "Hacking" but you are all think wrong with it ..! And it is diffucult to understand for common person ,so in this article we are describing the human friendly defination :D
Hacking is the process of breaking security of a computer system...!
When the word "hacking" is appears Most of the people think that Stealing Millions of Money from Banks is hacking, while some people think Hijacking websites is hacking while some are think hacking Facebook,gmail or any other account is hacking and we think its a big process of computer network it can be done by great computer users known as "Hackers"
Those above also can be called hacking but its not the actual hacking what you think, if you think only these are hacking then you are still confused
you may think hacking is a big process of course its a big process of computer network.. but nothing is big in front of hackers. ..
You may heard the word "Hacker"

Who is a Hacker ?
Many people think Hacker is a cyber criminal who steals money from banks and makes holes of the banks , who steals sensitive data from a computer network and they hate Hackers without knowing their attitude and knowledge, you may watched cinemas where hackers steals money or hacks into a biggest computer network and hacks peoples accounts and harms them in this case hackers are cyber criminas but if you say all Hackers are Cyber Criminals then its 100% incorrect , if you think that is correct then cinemas really made you home fools..
Hacker is a superb computer user who enters into a computer network without anyones permissions
a hacker is some one who is highly skilled in several branches of computer network
you may come across with hackers in many social networking sites eg facebook or any other private discussions or forums ,but some people who don't have idea of hacking they think about "Real Hackers" because they are seen many cinemas so they are fixed that a real hacker is someone who is sitting with many computers and runs several batch files on that computers to impress people.. But they are not real Hackers if you think so..
A hacker may be simple and genious who lives as you live
What are the types of Hackers??..
Hackers are may not be always good and all hackers may not be bad
There are some types of hackers known as White that, Black hat ,grey hat ,not only these there are a lot like script kids,yellow hat etc.. But black hat,white hat,grey hat are commny known to all...
White hat hackers : Who are always good guys ,who is highly skilled with computers also known as ethical hackers who always thinks for peoples good and they makes us aware of several hacking attacks..
Black hat: a black hat hacker is some one who think always bad such as Stealing someones data or hacking something sencelessly eg hijacking something .. They are known as crackers, black hat guys are the cyber criminals
Grey hat: Great hat hackers are not at all bad ,they are in the middle of white and black hat hackers ,they just leaves their messages on screens as against any political issues mostly they hijack websites and leaves their messages ..
You may heard the word script kids .. Script kids are small hackers who are known as noobs who doesn't develops anything in their own but hacks something by using some tools built by great hackers..

You may known or seen on cinemas as " Anonymous Hackers" or may be heard of Wiki leaks

Who are anonymous? Where they live? How to contact them?
You may heard this slogan
We are Anonymous We are legion We never forgive we Never forget Expect us
anonymous is a group there is no leader to the group every anonymous member is a leader ..why they are anonymous what they want? They are anonymous because they don't want to be identified, they want nothing except justice.. If want to be an anonymous member then search them through tor.. You may find their onion link on wiki leaks
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