April 13, 2017

[Hot News] How Indians are the Home fools on WhatsApp..!

**Hot News** How Indians becames Home Fools With Whatsapp ...!

Hello There Today Techncyber Brings A Hot News for India, Why and How Indians becaming home fools with Whatsapp
India is a Great Country where 121 crore people living as per 2011 population, among them 18 crore+ educated, and atlest 25 crore+ people are using Whatsapp while some people have two-three Whatsapp accounts..

In india Most of The teen agers are always busy with Whatsapp, In Indian there are different language,different region people are living...

Our topic is the news How Indians are Becaming home fools with Whatsapp.. You may think News is available only in the TV and News papers.. The news in the tv are almost 50% fake, sometimes they are really copy from bloggers and pretends they grabbed the news by their own, anyway lets go to main point Firstly observe the screenshot
This Message is forwarded by a noob, in the message Only 4 are arranged in a 4 shape and says that "This message is generated by Nasa forward this message to 4 members after four members after four this message wont be forwarded i m also shocked" Its a fake message really Nasa doesnt have time to create such a fake message,
see this screenshot
This message is created for provoking as Today is Sai baba birthday forward this message to 18 members to Get a good news.. Still this message is rolling in Whatsapp that means sai baba wont born daily its a fake but people still forwards
see this screenshot
now days these messages are common a fake site is created to show that this site will give you 500 recharge for free but you need to share to ten groups its totally a fake one,there are a lot of sites like this amazon give a way,spin the wheel and win prizes and many more..
Observe this screenshot
Some body is in a problem please share this to at least 10 friends so that Whatsapp will give 10 rupees for each share done by you.. Haha.. Whatsapp will never give a penny for each share you do, its your foolishness
same as this message shows that a girl is in a problem please share this to everyone to help her but Whatsapp will never give money to anyone as same as see this screenshot
This guy is in a trouble please share this message to everyone to help him Whatsapp will give him some money, its a fake message created by senseless people who doesnt have any work
there are a lot of messages like this,we really doesn't have time to take screenshots,

These fake messages are created by educated people and also forwarded by educated people,

This India is ours ,only we need to Stop these useless stuffs because of we are educated need to educate people.. if we ignore this then India Wont be a developed country even though we use latest technology..

Share this news to everyone who uses Whatsapp and say we are not Whatsapp fools and nor home fools..We are the well educated Indians,Only we need to Develop our Nation if you ignore this then everyone will do the same...Think What we are doing for our country, think what we are doing for us,this news may not be reach to all indians but some might there to follow our words to Develop our country... Proud be an Indian...Jai hind....


If anything wrong with this post then please feel free to report us , you can leave your comment as anonymously

We have used some words that Indians are Home Fools that mean not all Indians , its about to make a change in the people who really does those useless stuff

We have posted this article only to make others aware of such fake mesaages


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