April 7, 2017

Stay anonymous on the internet with VPN

How to stay anonymous on the internet?
Hello dear visitors in this article we are describing how to stay anonymous on the internet..
Why anonymity is important on the internet?
Before you want to stay anonymous on the internet you must know why anonymity is necessary while browsing the internet.. If you don't know why? we are here to give you a Noob friendly explanation.
You may known about VPN or Proxy ..
What is a VPN? VPN stands for virtual private network, what it will do ? by using VPNS your IP (internet protocol) will be hidden and it will give you a secured gateway to access the internet , You may think what is an IP address ? An IP address is same as your phone number which is the gateway to the internet. If your original IP address is visible then you will be easily traced out .. so where to get a VPN ? You may find many VPN proxies on the internet or you can download VPN apps for your PC or smart phone ,apps makes your internet connection better than manually you configure ,
some of the best VPN examples are hidemyass,fish proxy,hola VPN etc for PC there are so many VPN apps you will find if you search on the internet..
So what about Android smartphones ? VPN apps are also available for android devices ,some of the examples are droid VPN,troid VPN ,phipson etc which are also available in play store for free..
How does vpns actually help you? A VPN will just hide your IP address ,so nobody can trace you.. A VPN is important for hackers to protect their privacy ..! We are not giving any link to download any VPN for your PC or Smartphone, you have to download VPN apps on the internet if you want to keep your privacy secured...
Note: Not at all Vpns are good to use some of the vpns can reveal your IP if you use free proxy or VPN
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