May 19, 2017

Be Alert Soon You Will be Hacked Through Whatsapp

Hello Dear.. Technology Lovers

Be alert Soon You will be
Hacked Through Whatsapp

Be alert Soon You will be Hacked Through Whatsapp
Are You shocked about This Title?  These Questions may Comes to you..
Really we are going to be Hacked through Whatsapp?
Are you spreading any Fake News?
 No we are not Media to spread fake news Then  Whats the proof?
Is there any Bug in Whatsapp that will Hack us?  No
Whats the hell?
Whats the Secret Inside Whatsapp?
Today we are Revealing A Dark Matter inside Whatsapp..

There is no Bug in Whatsapp that will Hack you. But there is a secret lies inside whatsapp

Read this article Completely Else Soon You have to Face a Big Problem

Dear whatsapp Users Be alert while Clicking any Links on Whatsapp

Whatsapp Cat Picture link May be Hacked some whatsapp accounts 

But this is not like that ,

We Are Drectly Describing the matter without Wasting your time.

Now days a lot of Fake links are Spreading Through whatsapp Like Free 500 Recharge,Free Paytm Money,Flipkart/Amazon Loot any product at cheap rate or even For free, Free Jio DTH setupbox,Spin the wheel and win Iphone for free, body scanner pro,etc etc ect...

These Kind of links are Dangerous to You a Dark secret lies in it

When you open Some of the sites which is mentoined above, That will Ask you to Inter your name,address,phone number,email

After intering that site will say Share this to 8 or 10 Friends or Groups in Whatsapp then You will be proceed to the Required Content

What you are doing? You are just following their steps so the link is spreading quickly to millions of Whatsapp Users ,Others who gets the link also Doing the Same 

After Sharing you will be Redirected to Another Page

 That Page Displays Download Our App and Install it and Keep it for 3-4 Days to Proceed your Request

then what you are doing? Simply you are downloading the app and installing

Thats all Your work is Over 

You may not Know What might be Happen..!

How you will be Hacked,How all your account information including Email,Facebook,Bank all will be Hacked,How Your personal info will be sold,how your Device will be Controlled by Someone
Does it Really Happen?
Why Not Nothing is Impossible for Hackers..!
We Have Tracked so many  Links some of them are ,  One is that site is Registered with and the Whois details is as follows 

This site Simply placed Adsence adds on its Site and also Takes your Personal Details  The attacker simply sells your Personal Details to Advertisers and Earn in two illegal Ways  Then we Tracked Its Whois Details are Fully Anonymous
When you open it

Then it will say Get Paytm Cash For free

It will require your phone number also forces you to share with your friends on whatsapp

Mostly these sites will Steal Your Cookies Stored in your Web browser ,then Attacker Uses your Cookies to Login with all Your Online accounts without your Password 

You may ask Does it Really possible?
Yes whats the Proof?

If you Really want Proof then Comment Below we will Give You Proof ,how it is possible..

another thing is that These sites Forces You to Download an app and keep it for somedays 

once upon a time these site developer just placed a Simple app by Modifying its Adds to His own adds

But now there is a Chance to Place Keyloggers,Malwares,and Rat tools

what is Malware?

A malware is Just like a Virus ,Which will perform Unwanted tasks without your permission.

What is Keylogger?

A keylogger is just like Malware but the difference is Keylogger takes all your Data to The attacker so attacker can watch what you are doing with Your Device 

Here the attacker may steal your data including Email,Bank all Other Account Information

What is RAT?

Remote Administrative Tool(Rat)  It is Same as Keylogger But here The attacker Can Read ,Write,Delete data on your Device ,the attacker will Remotely Control Your Device

once you have installed the apps then there Might no options to Uninstall it So becareful With it not only for Android there might be some apps for Microsoft and Ios

Another thing is that there are some links like Amazon,Flipkart Loot offers any product for cheap rate

Dont click on them There are two chances to Hack you ,One is It will ask Your Personal Details to Proceed after submitting There might be Phishing Page so it will Require Your Bank Credit Card/Debit Card Details if you Inter then Your Bank Balance will be Out

Hope You are all understand how you will be Hacked Through Whatsapp and learnt Not to click on any Links Appears on Whatsapp

 Which looks Exciting ,Which Offers Free Recharge,Free Paytm Cash ,Flipkart/Amazon Free  Offers ,also Includes adult content such as Body scanner,etc

Mostly Which Forces You to Share With Other Whatsapp Friends/Groups

Now Its time to Stop it  Only it is possible by you ,You need not to do any Hardwork for it, Just Share this Article With All Your Friends and Family and Tell them About this

Also tell them to Share this Article with their Friends

As We know You are Well Educated so you are Here ,If you will Not Share Then Everyone will be Do same as You, you are Educated But You only Know How to Read and Write More over you dont have any Responsiblity towards yourself,towards your Friends,Family and Toward Our Country..
We are not Telling to Robots or Matchines we are Telling You(People)..

A Message To Media Reporters: Hello If you Copy From This Blog then Give us the Credits ,We didnt Copied it From Anywhere ,we did some hard work to Collect info and to Write This Article ..If You simply Copy and Boast Yourself as You Collected This Information By your Own Then Next Time We wont Give You the Chance To Copy From Us..
Warm Regards Techncyber


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