May 15, 2017

Beware of Wannacry 2.0 Ransomware...

Beware of Wannacry 2.0 Ransomware
Hello world...
Hope You are all known about The New release of Wannacry Ransomware 2.0
Cyber Attack... Which attacked more than 200000 Computers across the world..

You may be bored and confused with the news On The Tv and News papers

So Its a Right place to Avoid your confusion
We Want to Describe Few words about Ransomware...

What is Ransomeware ?
Ransomeware is a type of Malware which enters into your computer wirelessly and Locks all your files And Data with a encrypted Key ,the files in your Computer will not be unlocked unless you inter the unique alogorithmic decrypt key in a Limited time
To unlock and Get the decrypt key you must pay some money by Anonymous payment method known as Bitcoins to The Attacker

If you will not pay them in a given time limit then you will loose all your Important data it will completely Destroy your computer..

The attacker is very Clever ...If you Pay the Money via Bitcoins then he will give you a wrong decrypt key ,if you notify the attacker about this then he will simply says "I have Given that for Your Delayed payment ,so send some bitcoins to this xxxxxxx bitcoin address" even though you have sent the bitcoins demanded by the attacker ,there is no way to recover your important data..

Hope you have understand What is Ransomware
To prevent From This attack
Obey the followings

Be suspicious of New Emails from Unknown Addresses
Strictly Do not Download any email attachments files like .readme.exe, Readme.txt.exe .ecc, .ezz, .exx, .zzz, .xyz, .aaa, .abc, .ccc, .vvv, .xxx, .ttt, .micro, .crypto, _crypt, .crinf, .r5a, .XRNT, .XTBL, .crypt, .R16M01D05, .pzdc, .good, .LOL!, .OMG!, .RDM, .RRK, .encryptedRSA, .crjoker, .EnCiPhErEd, .LeChiffre, .keybtc@inbox_com, .0x0, .bleep, .1999, .vault, .HA3, .toxcrypt, .magic, .SUPERCRYPT, .CTBL, .CTB2, .locky or 6-7 lenngth of strange characters..

Create back up for the most important files either in a secured hard drive or in a secured cloud storage.
Be careful while opening and downloading from any unknown third party websites.
Keep your anti-virus upto date and check latest updates from microsoft Latest Update from Microsoft and do necessary things
Disable SMB In Windows if not in use

Ministry of Home Affairs sources said some ATMs all over the country have been closed down as a preventive step following concerns against the virus attack.

Cyber Security Researchers did not said Atms are Highly Vulnerable to This Ransomeware attack, why some Atms are closed in India Because of No money In Atms, We dont know why Media spreads these fake news
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