May 14, 2017

Four Successful ways to Deface/Hack websites

Four successful ways to Deface/Hack websites
Hello folks in this article we are going to let you know the four successful ways to Deface/hack websites ,this article is only for educational purose ,by reading this article you will gain basic knowledge about website defacement

Websites are hacked/defaced by basicly four ways ,they are Sql injection , XSS, DOS/DDOS, Brute force ftp

SQL INJECTION: You may heard of SQL which stands for Structure Query language this language is used to communicate and control the activity of a database Sql is used to store,delete and accessing data from a database by using this language we can Hack a website's database and take control of that website by gaining unauthorized access to Admin panel

XSS: XSS stands for Cross Site Scripting , by using this method the attacker can inject maluculous scripts into a website so that website will accept the scripts and performs as the attacker's rule , in this method the website users will belive the perfofomance of the attackers script is developed by the website and simply they will click on it In this way the attacket can steal session cookies of users or he may put anything as he wish.

Dos/Ddos attack: Dos stands for denial of service and similarly Ddos for Distributed denial of Service In this attack the attacker aim is to take down the website for temporarly or Permanently , in this method the attacker creates unnecessary traffic against the website and make the website unreachable to other users Dos attack is done with a single Ip or single tool But when it comes to Ddos ,the attacker creates unlimited fake ips and sends the whole traffick to the targetted website and the websites leads to denial for sometime in this way ddos is used The fourth one is Brute force ftp

Brute Force FTP: as you know FTP stands for File transforming protocol , by using ftp access we can upload our web pages,and many other contents to our websites In This method the attacker uses some tools which brute forces the ftp access of a website and find outs the correct ftp login details and he simply using this ftp tries to upload defacement pages which includes the attackers message

Finnaly we hope you have learnt and understand the basic website defacement attacks Thanks for reading this article Regards Cyberhelp

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