May 18, 2017

How to Hack Facebook using Phishing 2017

Facebook Hacking with Phishing -Tutorial Part-1

Hello Guys Today we are going to Teach you How to hack facebook account using Phishing Method
This Tutorial is only for educational Purpose, We are No more Responsible for any Misuse Done by you
Hacking someones account is illegal also Punishable offence, Seriously This tutorial is only for Educational Purpose.. as Our Aim is to Educate people. If you Dont Know what is phishing then you can read it here What is Phishing attack?
Phishing is The best way to hack accounts of our victim we are no more Wasting your time by describing a lot lets go to tutorial point
Things Required: 
1.A free hosting account
2.Basic knowledge of Web hosting
3.Good social engineering skills
4.Little Patient 

Firstly You must have a free web hosting account ,so you have to search for free web hosting service but we recommend you to use because they are free also will not suspend for Phishing
Register a Free hosting account from 000webhost or any other hosting servers
Then you will get all FTP details eg. ,ftp host, path ,username,password etc to your emaill or you need to find it on Cpanel of your site
Second thing is that you must have at least basic knowledge of web hosting and FTP setup ,
If you dont have Pc then you can use AndFTP Android App for web hosting instead of Filezilla
After that Download This Facebook Phishing Source code Phishing Code
after downloading unzip it and Upload it to your Web hosting server
This Line is For Noobs. If you dont Know what to do just open Andftp app and click on plus button Fill your Hostname ,leave port,Fill username and Password and remote dir path and click on save
then click on connection then it will open your site files then find the three files index.html, post.php, passwords.txt (also Give chmod 777 permission to password.txt )
on your mobile upload them thats all when you will open your it will look like original Facebook ,That is Mobile facebook site ,we didnt choosen desktop site because most of us visits facebook from mobiles
Now you have to send your phishing link to your victim ,When your Victim Inters His/Her Username and password then the details will be saved in passwords.txt file then they will be redirected to original facebook
You have to use your social engineering skills so that your victim will believe that is original Facebook link
if you want the username,password which is intered by your victim simply visit yoursubdomain/passwords.txt eg. if your subdomain/ phishing site is then you have to open
Thanks for reading this article If you have any questions please feel free to ask us..


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