May 21, 2017

How to Launch Ddos attack with Android Device

How to Launch Ddos attack with android Device

Launch DDos attack With Android
Hello guys Today we are letting you know how to Launch Ddos Attack with android Device ,This Tutorial is Only for Educational Purpose only we are no more responsible for any Misuse done by You Ddos- Denial Of Service attack is an Attack on webservers , this kind of attack used to Denial a website for temporary or Permanently Here the attacker Creates unnecessary Traffic against the Webserver and sends millions of requests to the ip then the site leads to Denial so it will unreachable to Other users, if it was unreachable to only you then the webserver might Blocked your Ip This attack is several types eg Tcp,Udp flood,Http flood etc, This Attack can be done using Different Tools eg: loic,hoic,udp flood, etc To launch this attack use Android app LOIC available on playstore at free of coast

[Download LOIC]


1.Enter either the url of the website you want to send data packets to or manually type in the ip address:
Example: or
2.Click get IP button. Even if you manually typed the ip, you still need to CLICK get IP.
3.Choose delivery type (UDP, TCP, or HTTP)
4. Enter the port and number of threads. Numbers must be a positive whole number
5. Click Start. 

Another is Terminal Emulator Download Terminal Emulator For Android from playstore,after successful installation open Terminal emulator and Type ping your Target

Eg :
it is same as sending ping requests from Command prompt You can use Multiple Windows to Attack with it

Another one is Andosid .

[Download Andosid]
Use Andosid App if You have a Powerful Device

Note: first test your own server then Try others

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