May 9, 2017

Importance of HTML in web designing also in Hackers Life

The Importance of HTML in web designing also in Hackers life
Hello Folks in this article we are going to let you know the Importance of HTML in web designing/development also in Hackers life

What is HTML? how it is used for creating and designing and develpoing a web site, how HTML plays a important role in Hackers life

HTML(HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE) Is a Markup language which is used for web page designing and web page development , Nowdays Millions of people accessing the internet , every web page is designed and maintained with HTML , it is different from all other programming languages

HTML in web designing .

The common Programming language for Web designing is HTML, for web page designing a programmer writes the codes in html language and saves them after saving he simply tests whether the coding is good or any errors there , if there is no error in coding then he uploads the html files to a third party web hosting server and the website will be run on the Internet

Importance of HTML in Hackers life ..
Hackers are always Good at web designing and web developing because they started to learn not today or not Yesterday they are learning since years,
HTML helps Hackers to Create their Own Websites as they wants to Introduce Themselves to the World by Their Knowledge , Another important thing is that HTML helps hackers to Create Phishing Pages to Steal passwords of Others If you learn Html completely then it is easier to learn all web programming languages including Javascript,CSS,Php,ajax js,boostrap,python etc And also if you learn Html,javascript,php then it helps at Hacking field to XSS attack If you learn Php then you must learn Mysql and sql, then it helps hackers to hack websites using Sql injection method
and there are a lot of advantages if you learn Html also in Hacking Field most of you think without the knowledge of C programming we cannot Learn HTML
If you think the same so you are in confusion ,you can start learning Html at zero knowledge of C programming
If you didnt learnt HTML yet then start learning HTML from now
Where to learn HTML ? Simply go to then learn html there with online coding tests
Thanks for reading this article Hope you have learnt the Importance of HTML in web designing and also in Hackers life ,how other programming languages are easier to learn after learning HTML
In this article We have use the words Hack,Hacking that belongs to Ethical Hacking only as our Aim is to Educate People...
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