May 5, 2017

India Pakistan Cyber War 2017 exclusive News

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Today 5/05/2017 we Brought a News About the cyber war between India and pakistan..
India Pakistan Cyber War 2017 Exclusive News

What are the Indian websites hacked by pakistan, and how indian hackers took revenge on them..
there is cyber going between Indian Hackers and Pakistan Hackers while we are Enjoying The Bahubali conclusion and The IPL match
as a recent cyber way in this year pakistan hackers hacked into Delhi University abd IIT-BHU, and muslim university three websites, they hacked the websites on 25th-april-2017

this media news is over but our news is that how indian hackers took revenge on them ,media news will never publish this news as they dont have time and also they copy news from others
As you know the cyber war between India and pakistan held in 2016 in the months august .. Before Independence day .. pak hackers hacked indian websites and left their independence day greeting ,in the next day Indian Hackers ,hacked some pakistan Websites and Left our Independence day Greetings...
The war is over .. Later in jan-february 2017 Pakistan Hackers Hacked indian Airport Website , As a revenge Indian Hackers Hacked Into Pakistan Airport website and locked with a ransomeware..
Now recently Pakistan Hackers hacked delhi ,IIT bhu university websites and Notified Them selves as PHC
In the next Day Indian Hackers ,Hacked a lot of Pakistan websites Including Government sites and put our National Flag on their websites .. Also warned pakistan Hackers not to touch our Indian websites...
The cyber war started since the next day of hacking delhi,iit university websites ..
Some of Our Popular Hack visit teams Notified Themselves as INDIAN TEAM BLACK HAT,KERALA CYBER WARIORS ,INDIAN BLACK HOLE TEAM,ASSAM CYBER WARIORS,INDIAN CYBER RASKHAK,GUJURAT CYBER WARIOR,HELL SHIELD HACKERS,MALLU CYBER SOULDIERS,,ICA and many more small indian hack visit groups and Indian independent hackers
INDIAN TEAM BLACK HAT hackers left this message on the Hacked pakistan websites

HELL SHIELD HACKERS left this message on the hacked pak sites
MALLU CYBER SOULDIERS left this message on the hacked sites

KERALA CYBER WARIORS left this mesdage on the hacked sites
And below are the Independent and Small indian hack visit groups hacked sites and their messages on the hacked sites
We must Salute to Our Indian hackers Who fighted for our nation and prooved india is great at Hacking field also protected our nation from pak cyber attacks... Some of pakistan sites hacked by our Indian hackers
we lost a huge list so sad but here are some for you


Indian Hackers Cyber Attack On Pakistan Websites in August 2017

As the Previous India Vs Pakistan Cyber attack News Spread In Our Blog Quickly , But this News Isn't Published in our Blog so ,

Here we are Presenting the Delayed News


Recently Pakistan Hackers Hacked A Indian Website

For that Lulzsec India Team Hacked almost all Pakistan Government Websites on August 14th and Left the Indian Independence Greetings on the Hacked Websites , After the Defacement Their Server Stopped working for some Days and still Servers doesn't seems to Be Working...

These are the Hacked Websites By Lulzsec India Team

We might missed some any way We gather almost all Defaced Websites and these Defacements may Not Be Available Now

small request please share this info with your friends and family let them know about it..

Notice to Media reporters: If you copy from our blog please give us the credits because we didnt copied it from any where, we done a lot of hardwork to collect this information thank you..
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