May 21, 2017

What is Deep web ,Dark web and Tor? A short Description

What is Deep web and Dark web? A Short Description

What is deep web
This article is only for educational Purpose , by reading This article you will gain basic Knowledge about the deep web and dark web and the Tor network ,We are Not wasting Your time by describing, because we have no time..<br> Deep web and Dark web is the hidden part of the internet it cant be access by Normal Browsers like Chrome,opera,etc ,What you need to Do access You have To use a Special Browser Called TOR
What is Tor?
The Onion Router(Tor) is a Browser which is used to Access the Deep/dark web The Tor is a Network which keeps you anonymous while browsing the internet , Tor network may be known as the Network of Hackers and a place for Bitcoin users ..
Lets Talk about what things are available on deep web and Usage of Tor
  • In the Deep web we can Read News which Will never be published by Media eg: scams,Hidden Wiki
  • We can access Black hat stuff
  • We can get Cool ethical Hacking Tools
  • There is illegal things too like Drug market,weapons market,fake Passport makers,porngraphy ,OMG..!!! etc ..etc
Advantages of Tor:
  • We can Access Deep/dark web with it
  • It will keep our Identity in Safe that it will encrypt our browsing data by hiding our ip like a Vpn
  • We wont be vulnerable to Man in the Middle Attack
  • No one can Track us but National Security Agency(NSA) will come to investigate for your illeegal work then you will be Marked as A Bad Guy..
  • We cant Browse Speed like other browsers it is very Slower
  • Each time we browse a Site in tor needed to be bookmark because the sites not in .com,.in they are in .onion
  • We cant Take screenshot or record the screen like Other Browsers

where to Download The Tor Browser? Goto the Official site of Tor and Download the browser for free

Note: We have published this article to Bring awareness of people that there is A Part of The Internet That is Hidden
We are Not Responsible For Any Kind Of Issues..!!!!

If you Dont Know about It,Please Gain Much Knowledge About Tor then use if you wish
Else Leave It, Thank You


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