May 13, 2017

Whatsapp Hacking Tutorial -Method2

Whatsapp Hacking Tutorial -Method2
Hello guys we are back with another Whatsapp Hacking Tutorial
Our all Tutorials are only For educational purpose we are no more responsible if you misuse If you didnt read our First Method of Whatsapp Hacking tut then Read Here Whatsapp Hacking Tut Part-1
In our First method You have learnt How to Hack whatsapp Via Whatsapp Web withthout Downloading any App
In this Method You need to Download an app and start Hacking your Friends Whatsapp Accounts,
we are no more Wasting your valuable time so lets go to tutorial point
This methodl is same as first Method
Firstly your Device Must be Android then Download Whatscan app from Play store then Install and Open that app
Now ask your Friend Mobile whom account you want to Hack Open whatsapp on that mobile click on three dots then click on Whatsapp Web
then use this to Scan Qr code which is Visible in Your Mobile thatsall You have successfully Hacked your Friend Whatsapp chats now you will able to do anything With your friend whatsapp Account
Our two Whatsapp hacking methods are based on whatsapp web also you must have physical access to Your Victim mobile,
our next tutorial is How to Successfully hack whatsapp without touching victim mobile Thanks for reading this article..


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