How to use Droidsqli [Automated sql injection]

Automated sql injection Tools For Android [Droidsqli + Sqlmap]

Hey Guys We are going To Present you The Most automated sql Injection Tools For android Device , use Only for Educational purpose and Pentesting

We are No more Wasting Your Time By Describing ,we hope You have learnt About Sql injection without any tools
Now Its time to use Tools

The Most Automated Sql injection Tool for Android
Droid Sqli [Download Droidsqli]
This app Is Not available in playstore but available on the internet you can download it from google search..

how to use droidsqli

how to use droidsqli, just type a target and click on inject button that's all you will Get its database if that site is vulnerable to SQL injection

SQL injection Tools for Android

Another Tool is Sqlmapchick [Download Sqlmapchick]
This app is available in playstore at free Of coast,
How to Use it ..It is same as Sqlmap but If you are a user of Sqlmap then it is different from it
you will really hate it anyway give a try
Thanks 4 being here.

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