What is Phishing Attack? How to secure Yourself from phishing attack

What is phishing? How phishing attack help hackers to steal passwords?
Hello guys we are here to let you know what is phishing attack? How and why phishing pages are made.? WE are no more confusing you by describing a lot.. nor wasting your time.. Learn More at Less time.. with us.. In simple words Phishing is a web abuse by using this method hackers can steal your Passwords easily.. for example if you are a target of a Hacker then he(the hacker) simply creates a fake Site which looks like original site, Suppose a hacker needs your Username and password of a site eg Facebook then the hacker simply creates a fake page which looks like same as original facebook but the difference is in the url and input fields which are not visible or nor detectable... Then he sends the phishing page link to you by email or message or any medium if you open the phishing page link then it looks like same as original site,when you enter your username and password then this information will directly goes to the hacker's inbox or he simlpy saves your username and password in that site thus in this way your accounts will be hacked by phishing attack.
How to detect phishing pages or phishing links?
You have learnt what is phishing attack and how any account can be hacked through this method now its time to protect yourself from phishing attack Most of the phishing pages are difficult to detect so here are some techniques to detect phishing pages
The first thing is that you must always check your url address bar before you enter your username and password most of the phishing sites are like this facebuk. com, faceb00k. com for facebook, for amazon am-azon.com,amaz0n. com etc you must always check this website's address properly to prevent this kind of attack, phishing is not only done for Facebook,amazon it is done for many popular sites eg paypal,gmail,banking sites etc
Recently You may heard of Google phishing scam so Protect yourself from this type of attack and protect your friends and family by sharing this information to them by social media,Fb,whatsapp etc
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