June 14, 2017

How To Track A Lost Android Mobile

How To Track A Lost, Stolen Android Mobile

How To Track a Lost Android Mobile

Hi There Here is A Tutorial To
Track a Lost or Stolen Android Smart Phone with a Fast and Easy Way

You can Track its Location, Erase all Data, Ring It, Lock It

We are no more wasting your time by Describing a Lot ,Lets goto Tutorial

Was Your Android Mobile Lost or Stolen?

If Not

What if in Future May Lost or Stolen

How you will Track and Find it?

Dont Worry Guys Follow Below Steps To Find Your Stolen or Lost Android Device

Firstly You must Have a Google account Connected to That Lost Device

Second Thing is That Android Device Manager

Must be Enabled in That Device (Lost)

You will Find it in Settings= Security
Device Administrators

You can Track Even though it is Not Enabled

Remember Onething in your Mind That You can Track Your Lost/Stolen Smartphone When The Lost/Stolen Mobile is Connected to Internet (Mobile Data or Wifi)

If you want to Track Through another Android Mobile then we recommend you to Use Chrome Browser

Now Open This Url on Any Browser


or you Can use an android App Find My Phone


You Have To Login With Your Google account

Use the Username and Password
which is Connected to the Lost Mobile

If you Logged with the Correct Details

Then You will See Lost Mobile As Below Screenshot

Trace a Lost or Stolen Android SmartPhone
Now You Can Ring your Lost Mobile or Lock it , You can Erase its Data

If you Want to See its Location Then Enable Request Desktop Site in Chrome Browser

it May not Show location in Mobile Site

Now you can See the Location of your Lost Mobile as Below ScreenShot

How To Track a Stolen Android Mobile
You can Zoom in and Find Your Lost Mobile through The Map

Just Follow the Map and Find it

Please Share This Tutorial with your Friends and Family and Let them Know

If you have any Doubts please feel free to ask us
thank you..

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