June 26, 2017

Importance of Blogging In your Life

Importance Of Blogging

Importance of Blogging in Your Life

Hi folks, Today in this article I am Explaining The Importance of Blogging

If you read this article Completely then you will really Love to Start Blogging , Rather than wasting your time on Facebook, twitter and any other Social Media

There are so many bloggers with different contents and Different topics ,
Did you Know
Why Bloggers Spend their time while writing blog posts, and Helping people

There are four reasons why they spend so
If you read this article Then you will know what's the secret lies inside bloggers,

Below reasons will describe the Importance of Blogging in your life

1. The First  reason Why Bloggers start Blogging Is because of Money

Yes, dude
The dream of a blogger is to earn some money from his blog, am also started this blog is to Earn Money
Nowdays There are so many Successful bloggers who are Earning $60-$200 even more in a Month,

One day I came across a Discussion Forum Some African Bloggers presented their earnings from their Blogs I was shocked about their earnings about more than $60 a Month, so am also decided to start blogging

2. The second Reason Why Bloggers Start Blogging is to Express themselves
And Gain Extra Knowledge than what they have , blog writing will give an opportunity to do so

3. The Third reason why bloggers start blogging is to Learn Something New,
If you know something then if you want to share with others then you have to Master it Completely

For example A Teacher , his work is Teaching , but he won't be a successful teacher if he didn't master the chapters well before explaining it

4. The fourth Reason why bloggers start blogging is to Learn Some Skills like Designing and SEO and to Improve Writing Skills

if you already know Web designing then you have the ability to Fix your Blog Design in a quick way,
If you don't know then you have to learn HTML ,CSS, and java script coding ,these may not necessary but if you want to do some advanced stuff then you have to learn coding,
If you learnt then no one is Better than you

Now it is about SEO , if you post great articles then you have to share that contents with them whom are interested in , SEO will help you to do so

How Blog writing is A Great skill?
If you read Articles on Newspapers then you will understand , How writing plays A important role in it.

If you Post articles in English then you will  fix your own Grammar mistakes.
You may noticed my previous Posts. ,How Today's Post is Better than Yesterday's,

I didn't studied in Sri Chaitanya nor in NRI Because of some financial problems I Studied In Government Schools and Government Colleges that too Non-English Medium
Now see how my English & Blog Posts became better than those past days

Which Type of Niche you should start with?

If your passion is Reparing, or Businesses Management, or Teaching  or anything that might be
You should start blogging with the Niche  as per your Passion and interest, if you do so then your daily life skills will be automatically will be Grown

Finally I hope you will definitely start blogging, if you understand the Importance of Blogging

Please share this tutorial with your Friends , And Support Me .Thank you

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