How to Send Stylish Font Messages in WhatsApp

stylish Fonts for WhatsApp

How to Send Stylish Fonts on WhatsApp

Have you ever Received with stylish font Messages on WhatsApp or Facebook
You might interested to write and send such stylish messages with your loved ones
Now its time to Write and send
We are no more wasting your valuable time so

Follow below steps carefully to Send these stylish Messages

Firstly Download Fonts app
From playstore
Download it

Open the App

The application has 33 different fonts or styles To create your personalized messages
After opening

1. Enter your message in the text box
2. Choose the font you like (ex Pulp fiction)
3. Click on the letter you like most to copy the text or press the share button, to share the letter directly in Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.
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