July 18, 2017

How to Earn Money Without A Blog or Website

How to earn Money Without A Website

Hello friends , in this tutorial am going to teach you

How to Earn Money Without A Blog or Website

As you know earning is Not easy as Spending . this article will help you to earn some money from your Smart Phone/Pc

I Am no more wasting your time by Writing too much so let's goto the main point ..
There are so many methods to earn money without a blog or Website but in this tutorial I am going to present  Simple methods

URL shorting Is the Best and Easy Way to earn Money

What is URL shorting?

URL shorting is a way to shorten your URL to the adnetwork  URL

How to earn by URL shorting?

Firstly Register an Account at shortest. St
Then Find a link of any Game or any other file download link and shorten it with the  shortrst.st adnetwork and send the shorten link with your friends on twitter , whatsapp or any other social Media network
If your friends clicks on that link then you will get paid ,

Another method is uploading files on Online

How to earn money by uploading files?

Firstly create an account at uploads.to
This method is same as the url shorting but here you have to Upload files eg. Games, photos, Videos
Then you have to share the download links with your friends , when the click on the links then you will get paid

Earn Money from Youtube.

How to earn money from YouTube?

Firstly create a YouTube channel on YouTube.com
And upload Videos and get paid from Adsence

Hope you understand how to earn money online without a Blog or Website ,

Soon we will update many other methods to earn money Keep visiting us

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