What is Incognito Browsing?

incognito browsing
What Is Incognito Browsing

Hello there, Today I am Going To Describe a few words about Incognito Browsing

You Might Seen Incognito Browsing
Option In almost All Web Browser , if you Don't know Why you should use Incognito Browsing , then this article is For you

What Is Incognito Browsing

Incognito Browsing is a hidden Browsing which Keep Your  Browsing History, Cache, Cookies in Private
So that No one can see your browsing history , When you finish your Browsing and you are about to stop browsing,
Note Incognito Browsing Will only Hides your Browsing History in the web browser but you can't hide from your Internet Provider, and you can't hide your IP address ,if you bookmark anything or Download anything then the Bookmarks and Downloaded files will be kept

Why and Where You Should use Incognito Browsing ?

When you are Browsing the Internet From Internet Centers or from your college's Library then You should use Incognito Browsing, because nobody can able to see what you have browsed

Most of the People uses Incognito Browsing while Browsing Porn Site to Protect their privacy from Friends and family

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