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Hello guys , Today am Gonna teach you the most useful WhatsApp Tricks Which You can Use Regularly for Better Communication between your Whatsapp friends and You , As you know WhatsApp is the Popular Messaging App used by millions of people and Also It is A Daily Used app too, Most of the People don't know the hidden features of WhatsApp these tricks may help you to Do better on WhatsApp,

am Describing the Tricks Directly Without Wasting your Time

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 First Trick

How To Pin Chat Conversions On Top 

Pinning a Chat  Conversation means , making our Favourite Chat Conversation or Group available On the Top ,
For this you have to open WhatsApp and long click on the WhatsApp Group/Contact You will See pin Icon ,just click on the Icon that's all your Conversion will be pinned to Top

Second Trick :

How To Mute a Chat/ Group Conversation

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To mute a Chat Group/Contact just long Click On the group/contact and you will see Mute Icon Just Click on it that's all the group will be Muted (you must select mute duration)

How To Quote Someone's Message on WhatsApp

To quote someone's message on WhatsApp Just long click on the Message you will see a Arrow icon like above image just click on it then write your message and send

How to Exit From All Groups In one Click

To Exit From all The Groups you are in Then open WhatsApp and long press on the groups and you will see three dots then click on it , you will see exit from groups Then click on , that's all you will be exited from the selected groups

How To see When Your Message is Sent & when your Message was Read


With this trick you can see when your message was sent and when the message is read, in group you can see the sent message is read by whom

For this you have to Long Press on the sent Message and Click on the ( i ) icon Then you will see when your message was read and by whom

How to Disable Blue Ticks on Sent Messages

To disable The Blue ticks on sent messages then Goto Settings From Whatsapp then click on Account , click on Privacy Scroll down you will See Read Recipts Then Untick It ,
that's all the Blue ticks will be Disabled

How To Monitor How Many Messages You have Received and How Many You have Sent On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a Hidden Feature that you can Monitor Your Data usage, Total Messages Sent & Received and WhatsApp Calls outgoing & Incoming etc.. To see that ,

go to Setting from WhatsApp then Click on Data usage then Click on Network Usage You will see the above details

How to change WhatsApp Language?

WhatsApp Comes with a Hidden Feature that you can Change WhatsApp Language , but WhatsApp Offers some few Languages

To change the app Language, Open WhatsApp then Click on Chats then You will See the Option to Change Language ,

in this way you can change its language

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How To send Message to all Of your Friends with a Single


You can Save your Time if you're About to send a Message to all of your Friends

To send a WhatsApp message to all of your friends you have to create a Broadcast List

For this just click on the message icon on WhatsApp then you will see all of your friends contacts then long press on a contact you will see selection

then select your desired contacts and Click on New Broadcast Thatsall Now You are able To send Message To all of your friends at once

How To Disable Last Seen

Just Go to WhatsApp Settings and Click on Account then Click on Privacy , you will find last seen Settings
Hope you liked this tutorial
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