Guide: How To Mod Android apps on your Mobile

Hey guys, today am going to tell you How To Mod android Apps, Games on Your Mobile

This Tutorial Is For them who wants to Hack 8 Ball Poll , Coc and wants to Mod apps

As you know Moded  apps, games gives you some extra features and extra privileges

So people often wonders How To Mod apps and games with  Android Mobile

how to mod apps on android

This tutorial I'm going to teach you how to modify Android apps using lucky patcher as you know lucky patcher is also available for Android mobile but it requires root permissions to work

we have already shared tutorial on How To Root Your Android Mobile In a Safe way
after rooting your Android mobile you have to install lucky patcher APK on your android
after installing just follow  below guide to modify Android apps on your mobile

Android apps can be moded in two ways with a mobile

By Changing its data from sdcard and using Lucky Patcher

Changing the apps data from sdcard is Not available for all Apps and Games

You have To Use Lucky Patcher App

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Why You Should Use Moded Apps?

By Modding Games, apps will give you you some extra features such as blocking ads, keeping Apps,Games being Banned, To Remove Lisence Verification And there are lot of advantage available for Moded apps

How To use Lucky Patcher App on Android

To Mod apps you Have To Download This Lucky Patcher apk and instll it

After Installing it you will See all of your Apps, Games installed on your Mobile

how to mod apps on android using Lucky Patcher app

Then Choose the Game , app you wish to mod

How To Modify Android Apps using Lucky patcher app

If there any custom patch available for that game then apply the Custom Patch

That's all You have Moded the app with your Mobile

The Most Frequently asked Question is

Should I Root my Mobile to Use Lucky Patcher?

Yes, Lucky Patcher Needs Root privileges To Work Perfectly,

Lucky Patcher also works on Non Rooted Mobile but each time you mod any app You have to Remove the installed app, before installing the Moded apk.

Hope you guys understand How To use Lucky Patcher To Mod apps and Games with Your Mobile,

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If you have any questions please Feel free to ask us

Thanks 4 being here..

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