Ultimate Guide To : Improve The Security Of Your Android Device

Android Smart Phones Became More Popular in this Modern Era , and there are lot of Happy Android users , people Enjoying its awesome Features But there are some who is Unhappy With Their Android Device because of Fast Battery Drainage, Device is too much slow and many other reasons

In this Article am Going To Tell you How To Improve Your Android Device's Security and Stop Unwanted Ads, And Secure yourself From Adwares and Spywares , am already published a post about android Malwares and How To secure From Malwares

Now days there are lot of android apps available in play store and we use them for General Purpose
But Adwares and Spyware's are Different From These apps

I want to tell you a little bit about Adwares

What is an Adware and How To Secure From Adwares ?

An Adware is A malicious software which is designed to force  its victims to complete surveys and shows popup adds and sometimes downloads apps without your permissions

How adware is installed into your device ?

Adware is basically downloaded from 9Apps and Uc Browser and many other medium

Follow below steps to Detect a Adware

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What is Spyware And How To Detect a Spyware?

A Spyware is a software which is developed to spy on someone or among a group of people , spyware basically Takes your personal Data to the attacker's Hand

Spyware takes your Personal data including GPS, Call History, Contacts, and monitor your Device usage , spyware does some evil things without your Knowledge

How To Know If you are attacked by Spyware & Adware on your device

If your Battery Draining Fastly and GPS Running in Background , If your Device is Running  Very Slow and if you are facing some apps are downloading automatically without your Knowles then you have to check whether your are attacked by Spyware or Adware

How To Detect an Adware , Spyware on Your Smart Phone?

Now days there are lot Android apps that will Detect Adwares and spywares , but now adwares and spywares uses  some malware scripts to Bypass from Antivirus and Spyware Detectors

So Follow Below Steps To Detect A Spyware , Adware On Your Device

Firstly Goto Settings then Goto Security

Then Always keep untick on Allow Installations of Apps From Unknown Sources

Android security tips

Always Check Device Administrators
Android Device Administrator

Keep tick on Android Device Manager

Incase  if you lost your Mobile then it will help you to Find out

If you find any strange app then Untick on it & Mostly Spywares and Adwares are in The Name Of Battery saver, Fast Charing , Calculator etc.

Mostly they are in Simple names

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Go to Google Settings from your Mobile then Click on security and Turn on these settings on your mobile

Google play Protect

Goto Settings then in Security you will find Apps With usage Access , click on that if you find any strange apps then untick on it and check that app , uninstall it immediately if you think that is An Adware or Spyware
Android apps with usage access

Hope this article will surely help you to Improve your Android Mobile's Security without any Special Apps , keep visiting techncyber.com for more tricks and tips like this

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