How Much People Are Spending on Their phone each Year

Mobile phones have become an important part of our daily life nowadays. They help us in various ways but we still know very little about them. 

Well, now we have a solution to this problem you can also get all the detailed information about how much people are spending on their phones each year by checking the Mocospace new phone survey

In this article, we will provide you all the information related to the statistics of how much people are spending on their phones each year. Spending may be of any type like spending money, time, resources etc. 

So here is a list of all the aspects through which you will come to know about how much people are spending on their phones each year. We will tell you all the authentic and searched information through various studies. 

Time Spent on the phones

As mobile phones provide a whole range of new and exciting features in their devices which are really difficult to resist and if people have no interest in the features then social media does the rest. This all consumes a lot of valuable time for a normal person in which he can be really productive. 

According to a study, a normal smartphone interaction in the world is two hours and 51 minutes per day but the average adults all over the world spend more than 7 hours a day just using their smartphones and making their social appearance strong on the social networking sites on the internet. These people are not only wasting their time but also their useful energies sitting in front of their mobiles.

Mostly, mobile phones are used for entertainment purposes like surfing, playing and listening music, capturing videos and pictures etc. which spends a lot of the valuable and productive time of an average person. 

Money Spent on phones

 People spend a lot of money on their phones and if we calculate the whole amount of money people send on buying a new phone and using the network services in it. According to a study, nowadays an average person spends up to $500 dollars per year for buying the latest smartphone and spends more than the last amount on availing the services of the mobile phone companies. 

There is also a study that only Apple's app store has almost $240 million dollars purchases per day, which is massive.  

So these are all the facts and statistics which through which you can easily come to know about the amount which people are spending on their phone and for their phone each Year. 

I am sure that you will love this article because it contains all the latest information and statistical results which will help you in gathering knowledge about how much people are spending on their phone every year. I hope the content provided in this article will definitely help you clear all the doubts in your head related to the content in the article but if there is still something which is stuck in your mind then feel free to ask us anything. 

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