December 23, 2017

How To Block Youtube Ads On Android (Without Root)

Hi guys here is a tutorial  on How To Block Youtube  ads  on  Android  without root

YouTube  is a popular video streaming  website , it allows users to upload their videos and pays commission to them for their videos

you might known that youtubers earns money by uploading  videos to YouTube  and they get paid by adsense,

sometimes when watching  a video in YouTube  some ads are displayed and we have to wait untill the ads completed , these kind of ads makes us irritated  so here in this tutorial  am going to teach you how to auto block YouTube  ads in Android  without  root

How to Block Youtube  Ads  in Android

To Block YouTube  ads  no root required and no need to use any VPN

Follow below steps to Auto skip YouTube  ads in your Android

firstly Download  ADSKIP Android app from xda

this app is not available  at playstore  so you have to download it from xda

after download  install it on your mobile

after installation you have to give Accessibility  permission as shown in below screenshot
turn on accessibility for adskip
adskip accessibility

Hope this simple tutorial  may help you to block YouTube ads in your Android

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