How to Get AdSense Approval Fast (2020 Trick)

Hi guys in this tutorial we are going to tell you how to get AdSense approval in a single day, as you know guys getting AdSense approval is hard nowadays, you might also face the problem of getting Disapproval, me too faced the same 2-3 times, now after knowing the mistakes and tricks I got AdSense approval for my blog ,

when I was new to blogging, I have also searched a lot for AdSense approval, read a lot of blog posts and asked to many to know How to get AdSense approval quickly and is there any Trick to get AdSense approval fast

I got many responses from others, days are gone, weeks have gone, months are too gone still I didn't get AdSense approval, sometimes I felt insulted myself for not earning a penny from my blog, I can understand the pain of not earning, as we are bloggers , we work hard for our blogs to help people and to earn some money from our hard work

Google AdSense approval trick for 2018
if you are one of them who did not get AdSense approval then don't worry I am here to help you, so follow below steps to get AdSense approval within 2 days or less

Google AdSense Approval Fast  Trick :

  • Write Quality Content
  • Use Good Theme with easy Navigation
  • Avoid Copyright Content
  • Remove Adult Content, Hacking & illegal Content
  • Create About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages

before you are going to apply for AdSense you have to follow the Google Adsense Policy Guidelines, most of the newbie bloggers don't have time to read all the terms and conditions if you still didn't read it then don't worry I will be going to present the necessary tips to get AdSense approval

Write Quality Content

The first the first thing you have to do is write quality content above 1500 words
You have to avoid copyrighted content try to write in your own words, most of the bloggers get disapproved for insufficient content, if you have at least 10 posts then apply for AdSense Else write some content and apply, some of my friends got AdSense approval only with 9 Posts

Make Simple Site Navigation

the second thing is navigation errors most of the newbie bloggers stuck at designing their blog , so try to use a simple blogger theme which is user friendly and SEO friendly if you are using then you have to choose their classic theme to get approval, if you use third-party themes then there are fewer chances of getting AdSense approval, if you are work on WordPress then use a good theme with good with good User experience

Avoid Copyrighted Content

the third thing is to avoid copyrighted content it violates the Webmaster guidelines you can read the webmaster guidelines for AdSense
Also avoid adult content, hacking content and other illegal content it violates their content policy guidelines you can read their content policy guide here

The Final thing is you have to create About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages for your site, if you don't know what to write on Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Pages then Google it, You will find a lot of Tools to generate Privacy Policy terms for your site

if you follow above guide then you will definitely get AdSense approval we are going to tell you something frequently asked questions

How many days does it take to get AdSense approval

It takes less than 2 days to get AdSense approval but sometimes it takes several weeks it depends on your site performance and add code placement most of the newbie bloggers don't place the ad code on their site so it will never be approved unless you place the code on your site header follow this guide to know how to Connect Your Site To AdSense

What to do after applying For AdSense?

After applying for AdSense you have to verify your site for AdSense approval, you can do it by following this tutorial

Conclusion :

Above are the essential tips to get AdSense approval, I got approval by following the same,
now I wanted to help my fellow bloggers to get AdSense approval instead of selling the strategy to get AdSense approval,
If you're disapproved then don't worry know the reason for disapproval and fix that and reapply for AdSense

If you have a question then feel free to comment below

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