5 Best File Manager Apps for Android

Everyone loves Android because of its features and for good stability in performance, but some people are facing file handling issues with Android's Built in File Manager,

so in this article we are presenting the solution for them.

You might also Bored with the Built-in Android File Manager, and now you need the best gallery app to handle your files, then its time to change your Android File Manager.

When it comes to Android File Manager it has a lot of features are missing so you can't be able to handle your files as you wish,

Do you know that Android's Built in File Manager has some limitations like you can't zip or Unzip Files, Cannot edit documents, cannot use as FTP, you cannot browse Root Folders (In Rooted Devices) and cannot perform batch operations
But Don't worry about that,

Today we will be sharing some Best File Manager/Gallery Apps To Keep and Handle Your Files as you wish

Best File Manager App For Android :

When it comes to file manager in Android, I recommend you these three best gallery apps (file manager apps), these apps have some special features than the built-in Android File Manager

Es File Explorer :

Es file explorer

When it comes to file manager apps for Android, Es File Explorer is my first choice, and it is available for free in playstore,
This file manager for geeky fellows like you and me, Es File Explorer has a lot of special privileges,
  • It Supports Multiple Windows
  • It shows Memory Space and Usage
  • Supports Zip file management like zipping/Unzip files (including rar,tar,zip etc,)
  • Supports Root Folders Access
  • Supports Http,FTP server access and remote server access
Download Es file

Root Explorer:

Root browser

If you're a root user then this app is for you, as a root user you have to keep your binary files safe and we should modify some root files, in that case this root explorer will help you
  • Good for Batch Operations
  • For Root only users
  • Browse root folders
  • Unzip rar, tar, etc.

Go File Manager :

Go File Manager

This File managner is developed by Google, with this file manager you can clean your memory space and you can save memory space by uploading your files to its cloud storage

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Amaze file Manager :

Amaze file manager

This amaze file manager is one of the best file manager for both root and non root users, it has built-in rar, zip reader along with Cool themes and multi tabs

X-plore File Manager:


This x-plore file manager is also good for both root and non root users, it has also have Ftp, sftp, sqlite and many other features like the above apps

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