June 4, 2018

How To Get Patanjali Sim Card [Launch Date, Price, Features]

Patanjali Sim Card Is New To Telecom Market, that's why everyone is looking forwards to Patanjali Sim News,

With The release of Patanjali 5G Sim, people shows enthuse to know more about it,
After getting some queries from our users, we are publishing this article, if you're looking forward to the same then read this article carefully to know more about Patanjali Sim Card

In this article, we are going to cover the following info.
Patanjali Sim Card News, Launch Date

Patanjali Sim News, Launch Date, Price, Features & How To Buy

  • What is Patanjali Sim Card
  • Patanjali sim card launch date
  • How to get Patanjali sim card
  • How To Buy Patanjali mobile Sim
  • Features Of Patanjali 5G Sim Card
  • Difference Between Patanjali Sim Card and Patanjali Swadeshi Simridhi Card

What is Patanjali Sim?

As you know guys, Patanjali Is an Ayurvedic Company, that produces ayurvedic products in India,
You may know that a Few days ago Baba Ramdev launched Patanjali Sim card with the partnership Of BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited)
Patanjali 5g sim card is also known as Swadeshi Simridhi Sim Card
Patanjali Sim Card is Available for All, they offer the mobile sim only For Patanjali Employees and Staff, soon they will offer to the public

Patanjali Sim Card Launch Date :

As I said Patanjali 5g sim is available only for Patanjali Employees,
As per News, Patanjali Sim soon will be available for the public.
If you want to buy Patanjali Sim Then you have to wait until the Official Announcement from Patanjali

How To Buy Patanjali Sim Card :

If you're a Patanjali Employee then go to your Nearest BSNL retailer Shop and follow their instructions to get your Patanjali sim
Soon We Will Share How To Buy Patanjali Sim for Non-Patanjali Employees, Keep Visiting us

Features & Benefits Of Patanjali 5g Sim Card :

As per Press News, BSNL is Offering Unlimited Calling, 2GB Data Per Day and Free SMS at 144 Plan
They also offering Health and Life Insurance is about 2.5 Lac and 5 Lac.

Difference Between Patanjali Sim and Swadeshi Simridhi Card:

Patanjali Sim Card is a Mobile Sim Card that offers Unlimited Calling, Unlimited SMS and 2Gb Data per Day
Patanjali Swadeshi Simridhi Card is just like a Debit Card which can be used to Buy Patanjali Products in Patanjali Stores with a Discount of 5-10%
Hope you Guys Known About Patanjali Sim card and its benefits, however, we could not find the official Patanjali Sim Recharge Plans and Benefits,
Keep visiting us for more information

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