How To Hack Instagram Account in 2021 [100% Working]

"I want To Hack Instagram Account, Please Help me..!"
Still Asking the same questions again and again, then stop asking, Because this tutorial is all about Hacking Instagram Accounts, this tutorial is quite risky and techy, this tutorial may not be grateful for beginners but if you follow our step by step guide then you're ready to hack it.

In This instagram hacking tutorial I will try my best to teach you how to hack Instagram accounts in a effective way

just follow this Instagram hacking tutorial. to know the secrets behind Hacking Instagram

Hack Instagram

Warning : This Tutorial Is Only For Educational Purpose and We are No More Responsible For Any Misuse.

If you search on the Internet "How To Hack Instagram" Then you will find thousands of tutorials and I know none of them suitable for you, and their methods are very old and boring too, do you know those old methods are hard to get success.

Hey, Don't worry we aren't teaching you the same. Our tutorials are different.

This post am going to tell you how to hack Instagram by two more ways, such as phishing and brute force,

So Lets Explore

How To Hack Instagram account Using Phishing

Wandering how to hack instagram account then Phishing is one of the best method

If have no time for creating a phishing page from scratch or may not have coding knowledge to create a phishing page for Instagram then use this phishing page script for Instagram

Okay firstly download this Instagram Phishing Script

Then unzip the zip file

As I told you earlier, now we need a free web hosting for Instagram phishing, you can try, but be careful most of the hosting services will suspend your account so try at your own risk

Firstly find your FTP details on your cpanel, and upload the files in the zip files, make sure you have to give chomd 777 for the passwords.txt file.

Then boom you have created a phishing page for Instagram, so send the link to your victim, when they log in using the link then you will see their username and password.

I know this tutorial is for them who already have some knowledge in web development, but I recommend you to read

How To Create a phishing page for any Website

How to hack Instagram without creating your own phishing page by z shadow instagram hack

Don't have enough time for creating a phishing page, then don't worry here we are sharing a tutorial to hack Instagram without creating a phishing page

Here are few steps to hack Instagram using z-shadow

Step 1: Firstly goto
And signup for a free account there.

Step 2: after signing up , now log in using your z-shadow username and password, you will see the dashboard

z-shadow dashboard

Step 3: After login, you will see the dashboard, now click on the Instagram icon,

Click on Instagram English

Then you will get a unique link, simply copy it

Copy link

Step 4: Now send the link to the victim, when they log in with that link, then their username, the password will be captured and they will be redirected to the original Instagram site.

Step 5: Now Goto z-shadow dashboard, you will see who has logged in using the link and you will be able to get the username and password of your victim.
That's all this is the simplest way of hacking Instagram.

Now let's see how to hack Instagram using your smartphone without root.

how to hack instagram account on android by using Termux

We have already discussed a lot about termux in our previous posts, if you missed that then you can read that
Learn Ethical Hacking With Termux

Hey am not going to confuse you, in order to save your time, I have already posted a tutorial on how to use weeman in termux and hack Facebook
You can follow the same to hack instagram with termux in 2020, the easy job is you don't have to be root, you can hack instagram termux no root

Hack Instagram with brute force in termux

You can hack Instagram using brute force but it is time consuming,
Before we begin, Let me tell you what is Brute Force Attack (incase if you don't know)

We can say Brute force attack is a one click attack, when it comes to brute force attack, the attacker has to guess and create a list of possible passwords to get the original password, in this case, the attacker tries to enter the passwords one by one, it can be done by using some automated tools.

anyway let's see how we can hack Instagram with brute force attack in termux.

Firstly Download and Install Termux In Your Smartphone.
Then open termux and type below command

apt update && apt upgrade
Then install hydra

pkg install hydra
Now type


Into termux, you will get the instructions.
For more details on how to use hydra refer here

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  1. But here the victim will get an email that somebody access his/her account.then..... How to stop the email

    1. For that we have to steal victim's cookie and use

      Then there would not be any problem during login

  2. Is there any method other than phising and bruteforce attack

  3. Hey bro can u to use hydra to hack instagram password. kinda noob so i need to have full info....could u do that....please

    1. Hmm, I will make a separate post on How to crack passwords using Hydra, stay tuned

  4. Bhai fulll process Step by step Batao naaah

    1. Yes, am preparing for the post, stay connected, I will share the step by step guide

  5. As will recive email that his or her acc is login from other devive you said we have to steal there cookies and use how to do that

    1. For that we can use keyloggers but it's not possible at all

      Soon I will give a solution for it

  6. Sir Thanaq
    Sir I Have an Android phone
    And I am also Intrest in Hacking
    But I can not learn Due to I did not have any Idea.

    1. Welcome,

      You can install Kali Linux on Android then start Hacking, we have already published an article on how to install Kali Linux on Android

      You can read it here

  7. Bhai ye link insta par kisi ko bhi send nahi ho raha hai na fb par ishka hal batao bhai

    1. Bro you have to use link shorteners like bit .ly or goog .gl

  8. bro please can u tell kali linux impotant the main thing in hacking