3 Ways To Use YouTube Background play On Any Android

Did you know, YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform, each and every time YouTube brings new features for us, with the YouTube's recent update for smartphone users, we can play YouTube in the background,

Now YouTube offers Background Play on Android for a few days,
I Hope you guys have enjoyed the YouTube background play feature.

YouTube android play in background

So what if, the background play trial expires,

Well, in that case, we have to look for the solution, here we are sharing a tutorial and an app that will help you to play YouTube in the background on your android that too for free.

How To Play YouTube in Background on Android :

you might know that the Official YouTube android app offers Background play for a few days, after that we have to pay for that,
Nowadays no one is interested to spend on this useless stuff, that's why we published this tutorial.

There are two more ways to play YouTube in background on Android, let's see how we can do that.

1st Method To Enable youtube android play in background

The first method is nothing other than paying for that feature, In Order To get background play we have to pay YouTube for a monthly basis.

Just open YouTube, and click on your Profile icon, then you will see YouTube Premium Option, if you have enough money then you can pay for the features of YouTube

Play Youtube in the background on a Rooted Android :

In our previous posts, we have discussed a lot about Android Rooting,

In the first method, root is not at all required, but there are so many people wondering how to enable background play in YouTube on a rooted mobile for free,

if you have a rooted mobile then this tutorial for you, Just follow the below few steps to get started

Step 1: Firstly Your Device Must be Rooted, if not then read this tutorial to root your android in one click, if you have already rooted, then You Have To Download and install Lucky Patcher App

Step 2: After Installing Lucky patcher app, just open the app and grant SuperUser Permission

Step 3: After that, you will see the list of apps that are installed on your smartphone, just click on YouTube

Select YouTube

Step 4: After Clicking on YouTube you will see the below options, just click on Menu Of Patches

Menu of patches

Step 5: After Clicking on Menu Of patches, you will be able to see these options, now you have to click on Custom Patch

Click on Custom Patch

Step 6: After Clicking on Custom Patch, you will see some of the available patches, now select the recent available patch, and finally click on Patch

click on patch

That's all after a few minutes you will see patch successful and you will be able to use some of the hidden features of YouTube including background play.

How to play YouTube in the background Without Root:

In a nonrooted mobile, you can pay for the features, but you're not interested to spend on, then don't worry here we are sharing the Moded YouTube App

Firstly Download and Install This YouTube Moded Apk on your smartphone
After Installing open the app, that's all you will be able to get the hidden features of YouTube for Android

Conclusion :

Hope you guys found our tutorial is cool
if you face any issues then feel free to comment below

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