How To Change Yahoo Password (Step By Step Guide)

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Today am going to show you how you can change your yahoo mail password

if you're looking for changing your yahoo email password then you're at the right place.

in this tutorial am going to show to the step by step guide to changing yahoo password

firstly let me tell you that most of the People switched to paid emails and Gmail so the popularity of Yahoo mail has been decreased,
still yahoo mail is a free and superb one to send and receive emails with a secure connection.

how to change yahoo password

There are so many cases that you have to change your password, such as making your password strong, reset your password and so on

But There are two cases that you can change your password

  • When You Know Your Password
  • When you don't know your password

if you're looking for how to change yahoo password on android then in this post am covering for both Android and PC users

Case1: When You Know Your Password

If You Have already know your Yahoo Mail password and logged in your account and looking for how to change the password on yahoo mail, then follow these steps

follow the below steps to do

Step1: Firstly go to Change Yahoo Password
If you're logged in then you will see an option to change your password

Step2: Now Enter your New Password and Confirm Your Password, that's all your Password will be changed.

When You Don't Know Your Password

in this case, you have to request a password reset, for that follow below steps carefully so that you can easily reset your forgotten password and set a new one

Step1: Firstly Go To This Link Forget Yahoo Password

Enter your recovery email, phone number

Step2: Now You Have to Enter your Yahoo mail or Phone Number (You Can Put Your Recovery Number)

Step3: Now Click on Continue, after that you will see your recovery phone number and you will be asked to confirm to get OTP

Confirm number

Step4: After Confirming you will receive an OTP, so note down your OTP

Step5: Now just Put your OTP and Click On Continue, that's all you will see the options to change your password.

Otp verify

Now Choose a strong password and save. that's all you have known how to change yahoo email password

How to change yahoo password

How to Do it on your smartphone?

you can follow the same steps to change yahoo password.

if you're on yahoo android app then follow below steps

Step1: if you're logged in then click on Menu icon, then click on Manage Accounts, then click on Tap Account info.
Step2: Now Tap Security settings.

Step3: Now You Have to Enter your security code.

Step4: Now click on Tap Change password.

Step5: Now Click on Tap I would rather change my password.

Step6: This Is The Final Step So Enter the new password and its confirmation and tap Continue

if you're on Yahoo mail android app and don't know your password and wants to change password

while opening the app you're asked to log in so just click on forget password/reset the password then you will receive OTP to your recover mobile.

so just enter the OTP then choose a new password

that's all you have known how to change yahoo mail password,

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