[Top Rated] Best Offline Games For Android 2020

Best Offline Games For Android

The Popularity of smartphones are increasing since decades and the smartphone gamers are also excited for the best offline games for free, that are available at Google Play.

in an average at least five games exist in every smartphone users, if you're a serious gamer then the number of games depends on you.

Most of the popular games require an internet connection but its not a good choice for all, that's why you might looking for free offline games for android.

Anyway in this post am going to cover the best offline games for all type of serious gamers. The interesting thing is that some people love Action Games while others like strategy, Puzzle, Racing, board and so on.

So let's Explore the best offline games and choose any of the games which suit you the best. we have tagged the best offline games for android under 1gb.

Best Offline Games For Android 2020

Before Choosing the best one, we have divided each game into different categories such as Action, Strategy, Puzzle, Board

Although There are a lot of Games for Various Categories, Most of The Gamers Loves Action Games & Racing Games, so we are starting with Action Games.

Best Offline Games In Action

Action Games are the most loved by gamers because of the thrill, only the gamers can feel that much of thrill and fun.

If you're too an Action Game Lover then below I have posted most played Action games,

DEAD TARGET: Offline Zombie Shooting Games

DEAD TARGET Zombie Shooting is one of the best Shooting Game and this Shooting Game is So Much Exciting That inside the Game

You can Shoot zombies with epic 3D weapons
Upgrade guns and gear to face the upcoming zombie waves
Experience 3D shooting in Offline

The Core Features Of This Free Offline Game


- A free FPS offline game where huge waves of zombies come to you as the storm
- Zombies with various killing abilities in the best offline game
- Shooting game with multiple weapons – A rifle, shotgun, and more
Unlock 3D guns when you rank up and improve your strength to become a true killer in sniper games
Prevent zombies from escaping while defending the breached frontlines in offline games
- Enjoy 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the infection of zombie in the sniper game

Game: Dead Target Zombie Shooting

User Rating: 4.5

Size: Varies with device

N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.OV.A Legacy is One of my favorite Action Game, Available in Offline and Online Mode.

in this Shooting Game, you will feel the real joy of playing in 3D Graphics.

When you became an expert in this game then you will feel the real fun, in this game you can test your skills by playing Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch, and so on.

There are various game modes you can go with

- Story Mode: Delve into the story offline and fight to uncover the truth about these alien invaders in 19 action-packed FPS levels.
- Shadow Missions: Assault the alien Special Ops Force on challenging limited-time battlefields.
- Special Ops: Launch a critical strike on unique alien formations.

And Have the fun of Shooting in 3D Mode with this free offline games for android

Additional Info

Game: N.OV.A Legacy

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 37 Mb

DEAD TRIGGER - Offline Zombie Shooter

This is another Free Offline Game for Android, It is a Zombie Shooting Game, where you can Play this game in offline, and enjoy the 3D Graphics,

These words are not enough to describe the excitements with this game, once you start playing then you will find the real joy.

Game Name: DEAD TRIGGER - Offline Zombie Shooter

User Rating: 4.6

Size: 31 Mb

Shadow Fighter

Shadow Fighter is an awesome roleplaying Fighting Game, this is one of the best Action Games,
While Playing This Game You will feel so thrilling that there are a variety of weapons once you master the skills then no one can stop you.

And There are series of zombie battle and monster battle in levels. In each level, you will experience a fierce battle. In this, you will be a hero to fight the dark forces: zombies, monsters.

Features of Shadow Fighter
- Characters: 5 heroes characters
- Levels: 50+
- Mode: normal, hard, extremely hard
- Amazing graphics, effects, and sounds
- More weapons, equipments to attack zombies, monsters

Game Name: Shadow Fighter

User Rating: 4.7

Size: 39 Mb

Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship Strike is the most immersive and realistic 3D helicopter battle action game where you can enjoy the 3D Helicopter Battle Fight at your Fingertips,

the game is all about fighting over the fly, so enjoy the military helicopter shooting with this free game.

Game Features:
- Multiple helicopters with a variety of weapons and equipment
- 40+ levels in Battle mode & ultimate challenging Boss mode
- Realistic 3D graphics and stunning visual effects

Game Name: Gunship Strike 3D

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 20 Mb

Gun War: Shooting Games

Gun War

Gun War Is another shooting game that is one of the Best offline games for android

Features Of Gun War:

- More than 124 exciting shooter tasks, including 6 special game type
- 50+ featured scenes and maps.
- 50+ weapons, epic weapons waiting for you.
- Weapon upgrade system, even ordinary weapons also have the opportunity to upgrade.
- Unique mercenary and team system.
- World Championship leaderboards, together to challenge game players around the world.

Game Name: Gun War

User Rating: 4.6

Size: 60 Mb

Now let's See the best free offline android games in Arcade Category

Best offline android games in Arcade

Arcade Games are one of the best sources of arcade games, but now arcade games are also available as Video games.

That's why we have picked the best list of games for you.

Angry Birds Rio

You might also hear a lot about Angry Birds and played it, so nothing is more exciting than this Angry Birds Game.

Game Name: Angry Birds Rio

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 48 Mb

Sky Force Realoded

Sky Force Realoded is another shooting game, that is designed with cool graphics, to understand better just play the video above.

Game Name: Sky Force Realoded

User Rating: 4.7

Size: Varies with device

Subway Princess Runner

Subway Princess Runner is an awesome Running Game, that you can collect points while running and have fun

Subway Princess Runner Features:

.Snow subway themed game
.Best princess runner
.Rush as fast as you can
.Influent screen touch & gravity control
.Double tap for skateboard, feeling the special running
.Challenge the highest score with world players
.Grind trains with your cool crew
.Colorful and vivid HD graphics
.Powerful music
.Upgrade all the properties to get endless power

Game Name: Subway Princess Runner

User Rating: 4.3

Size: 51 Mb

Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the oldest game with great graphics, still, it's a great entertaining Game, where you have to run in order to save your life, you feel the excitement when you go deeper inside the game.

Game Name: Temple Run

User Rating: 4.3

Size: 43 Mb

Now let's Explore the Best Games in Board and Card Games

Best Board & Card Games for Android


Chess is one of the oldest strategy game, now you can enjoy playing chess on your Android with 3D and normal boards. just download the game and enjoy.

Game Name: Chess

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 2.2 Mb

Ludo King

Ludo King is a classic board game played between friends, family & kids. you might play it in your childhood, and it is the most played game among college students with their friends.

Features of Ludo King:

* No internet connection required! Play against the computer.
* Play with your family and friends through Local and Online Multiplayer.
* Play 2 to 6 Player Local Multiplayer Mode.
* Play Online Multiplayer Mode through 9 competing game rooms.
Many More

Game Name: Ludo King

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 36 Mb

Spider Solitaire

spider soralite

Spider Solitaire is one of the best Card Games, you can have fun by placing and removing cards and it is free for all.


3 Spider Variations--1-suit,2-suit,4-suit(traditional)
Custom backdrops & cards from your photos
Subtle sound effects
Drag and drop cards or throw them!
Landscape & portrait orientation lock setting
Fantastic and beautiful user interface
A variety of card animation effects
Unlimited Undo

Game Name: Spider Solitaire

User Rating: 4.7

Size: Varies with Device

The Best Free Casual Android Games

Now let's See the best offline games for android in Casual Category

Stupid Zombies 3

Stupid Zombies 3 is an awesome brainstorming Casual Game, it might be quite boring if you're an action game lover.

Game Name: Stupid Zombies 3

User Rating: 4.6

Size: 46 Mb

Billiard free


This Pool game is another cool game, just download and enjoy the game

Game Name: Billiard Free

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 2.2 Mb

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush, I think you don't need more info about this game because this is the all-time best game played by almost all android users.

Game Name: Candy Crush Saga

User Rating: 4.5

Size: Varies With Device

Now let's Jump into Puzzle Games

Best Free Puzzle Offline Games For Android

Puzzle Games are the best brainwashing and entertaining games, people like Puzzle Games Because of it reduces stress and gives us some relief from various mental stress.

so let's explore the best puzzle games.

Infinity Loop

User Rating: 4.6

Size: Varies with device

Construction City 2

Construction City 2 is a construction game where you can control over 25 construction vehicles, cranes, excavator, trucks, tractor, helicopter, forklift, loaders and more! Use those powerful vehicles to complete all levels!, Install and Play The Game to Have more fun.

User Rating: 4.5

Size: 47 Mb

Sudoku - The Clean One


User Rating: 4.6

Size: 4.7 Mb

Cut the Rope: Magic

User Rating: 4.7

Size: Varies with Device

Now it's Racing Games Turn,

Best Racing Games For Android

Racing Games are almost all gamers must have, nothing gives much excitement than Racing Games, so in this section lets explore the best free racing offline games.

Rally Fury - Extreme Racing

User Rating: 4.6

Size: Varies With Device

Hill Climb Racing

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 67 Mb

Traffic Rider

User Rating: 4.7

Size: Varies With Device

Trials Frontier

Trails Frontier

User Rating: 4.3

Size: Varies with device

Street Racing 3D

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 84 Mb

Now Let's See What's Hot in Sports Games Category

Best Free Sports Games for Android

if you're interested in sports games then check below games, you may like them for sure.

Archery King

User Rating: 4.5

Size: 74 Mb

Stick Cricket Super League

User Rating: 4.6

Size: 36 Mb

Real Cricket

User Rating: 4.5

Size: 37 Mb

Now let's See Strategy Games.

Best Strategy Games in Android

Age of War 2

User Rating: 4.4

Size: 46 Mb

Defense Legend 3: Future War

User Rating: 4.5

Size: 84 Mb

Little Commander 2

User Rating: 4.2

Size: 51 Mb


Hope you guys liked these games, these are the best offline games for Android that we posted, but there are some might miss, if you suggest any other then feel free to comment below,

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