[Latest] How To Hack Someones Phone Remotely

How to hack someones phone remotely

Everyone wants to be a hacker, while some people have no idea about what Hacking is, still, they want to hack and be a hacker without understanding the Core Principles behind Hacking, all they expect in one click as the so-called Hackers Do In The Cinemas,

But when it comes to real life, all those things are different and never be happened ๐Ÿ˜‚

Oh.. Cool guys..!๐Ÿ˜†

Am Not arguing with you guys, me too came from the same where I was watched lot of YouTube Videos to Know How To Hack Someones Phone Remotely, joined so many Hacking Forums, also wasted my time reading blog posts but I was failed to know how to hack someones android phone remotely for free

So Today I was decided to reveal the so Called Secret methods that are used to hack into someones phone remotely, but one thing you must have to remember is Hacking Is Not At All A One Click Attack, It Takes Some Efforts, which am going to explain them in front of you.

So After Finishing Reading This Post, You Will get a clear Picture on

How To Hack Someones Phone Remotely
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  • how to remotely hack someones phone for free
  • how to hack android phone using another android phone
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You might be thinking that Above questions sounds familiar right..!
Of course, these are the same questions I was asked in many hacking Forums,

How To Hack Someones Phone Remotely

But Before We are going deep into it, let me tell you the sceneries that took place while hacking into someones phone remotely,

There are mainly two cases to remotely hack someones phone

Case1: If You Have Physical Access To Victim phone

Case2: If You Don't Have Physical Access To Victim Phone

Not only this but there are again two cases to hack through
These are

1. Hack an Android phone from a computer

2. Hack android phone using another android phone

Most of the people don't have the luxury to Carry Their Computer along with them, so in that situation, we have to use our Android Phone to Hack Another Android phone,

Anyhow our goal is to Hack an Android Phone Remotely for free to spy on it and see how many apps installed on it, accessing its camera, Photos, Gallery, Location and bla bla...

So Let's Take Case 1

If you Have Physical Access To Victim Phone:

In this case it is too easy to hack into it just by installing spying apps or Android RATs

In this case, the intercalation with a computer is less, as we can install any spyware or RAT on it without a computer.

As we are talking about how to remotely hack someones phone for free

There are a lot of Spying Apps out there in the market used to monitor any android phone (Most of Those are Paid and Can be Used By Parents to know the behavior of their children)

Those Paid Softwares are so expensive so everyone doesn't have the luxury to purchase so let's use some free ones
When it comes to free Android Phone Monitoring apps I prefer Airdroid,

Airdroid app

Now You have the Victim's phone in your hand

So Follow Below Steps To Get Started

Step1: Go to Play store and Install Airdroid App, and give all necessary permissions

Step2: After Installing, You have to create an account on the app itself, you can register with your email too

Step3: Now All you have set, You can hide it

Step4: Now you can Open web.airdroid.com, on your computer or any android phone as You Have Login Id and Password, so login there

Final Step: After Login, You will see the dashboard, so you can see what inside the phone remotely and also you can do even more.

Side Note:
Spywares and RATs are quite different than Monitoring apps, you can install your own RAT in victim's phone, am covering how to do in this post. So keep reading

Let's talk about Case2

How to hack someones phone without touching it

If you don't have physical access to the victim's phone then what people usually think is "Is there any way to hack an android phone by sending a link"

Hacking into someone's phone without touching it is a little bit hard but nothing is impossible, so let's see how we can do.

There are some possible ways i personally found.

  • Social Engineering
  • MITM (Sniffing)
  • ADB Port Scanning

Social Engineering:

In this case, we have to create a Rat (Payload) and send it to the victim in any medium.

(At the end of this post, I will tell you how to Create RAT for an android phone by using RAT tools and Kali Linux)

Let's see an example of How Social Engineering Attack Can be done.


Let's say I am Bobby and I want to hack my friend John's phone
In this senerio, I will create a RAT (Spyware) and upload it to any free file hosting site then send the file link to John also tell him to "install it on his android phone and after installing it you will get $50 USD for Free"

If John is enough Foolish to install the Apk then you're the King๐Ÿ˜

If Not then you have to try other ways๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Side Note:
Social Engineering is even more than this, if you confuse the victim and make him install the RAT on his/her Smartphone then it is a good option to hack his/her phone,

If you're good at social engineering then this method may work for you if not no worries I will share other methods too.

MITM Attack:
In simple words, MITM (Man in The Middle Attack) is another type of social engineering attack but in this type of attack you don't have to ask the victim to do anything, still, you can take advantages.

Most of the cases In this type of attack you have to be connected to the same WiFi Network as your victim's
If you're connected to the same network as your victim then we have to use some sniffing tools to do some social engineering attacks, you can do this type of attack on your android through Droid Sheep

(This type of attack is similar to Social Engineering Attack, You just have to fool your victim to install your RAT on his/her Phone)

MITM Tools:

ADB Port Scanning:
This is a very interesting attack, in this type of attack you just have to know the victim IP address.

In my Opinions, This type of attack is very easy and very hard

It's Not So Easy To Get the IP address, And it's easy if you Use Shodan
(If You use Shodan then you can exploit so many devices but not the targeted victim)

This Attack can be Done By Using PhoneSploit Tool On Kali Linux or Windows

So Far We are talked about Android RATs but didn't tell how to create them.

There are many RAT tools for android, you can create Rats even with Metasploit Framework on Kali Linux
Here is a video on exploiting android phone with Metasploit Framework on Kali Linux

 ( Now Metasploit also Available For Windows, if you don't have Kali Linux Installed still you can use Metasploit on Windows, You can Install Metasploit Framework on Android too)

Recommended Reading: Install Kali Linux On Android

Now its time to learn how to create RAT through RAT tools

Here is a List Of Android RAT Tools Check out this

AndroRat Is a widely used Rat Tool, You can Use AndroRat to create Rats
Here is a video on how to create A Rat and Exploit an Android Phone with Androrat Tool.

 (PS: The Video is Little bit outdated, there might be a new improvement to the tools)

Exploiting with PhoneSploit Tool

With the help of ADB connect features on android we can hack a lot of android devices by using Shodan, ( i mean hack someones android phone remotely not a targeted one)

Though This Tool Performs well with Kali Linux

You can Read More About The Usage Of Phonesploit here

Here is a video on how to use Phonesploit

Note: None of the YouTube videos belongs to our channel, I have included them for learning Purpose Only


I have tried my best to explain How To Hack Someones Phone Remotely that too for free,

And I hope you got a clear understanding on how to hack someones android phone remotely for free,

Still, if you have any questions then feel free to comment below

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