How to hack a website using Termux

A Simple step by step Tutorial on How To Hack websites using Termux
Hello friends, in this post am going to teach you how to hack websites using termux app, I know guys most of you're interested in website hacking using termux but there is no proper guide on the internet for Noobs but don't worry this Noob made a Tutorial for you,

This tutorial is not for everyone but for them who wish to learn website hacking using termux,

If you know How to use Sqlmap then this is not a big deal for you, so that you can simply install Sqlmap in termux then start hacking websites (Sqlmap alone is not a website hacking tool but its a great tool for beginners, if you wish you can use many other popular hacking tools in termux)

Anyway our aim is not to destroy someone's website instead we will try to educate you,

If you don't have at least basic knowledge of website hacking then this tutorial is for you

So let's learn

how to hack a website using termux

This will be the simple tutorial because using termux to hack websites is requires some patience plus we have to spend lot of time with our mobile, that's not possible for everyone but if you wish then you can try

In this tutorial am going to teach you how to install Lazy Sqlmap in termux and hack a website

So just follow below steps get started

Step 1: Download and Install Termux From Playstore

Step 2: Now Open Termux and type below command

apt update && apt upgrade

Step 3: Now Install Python2 in termux by typing below command

pkg install python2

Step4: Now We have to install Lazy sqlmal (We can install sqlmap but Lazysqlmap makes our task more easy rather than typing bounch of commands frequently)
Type below commands

pkg install git

Now type this command to install Lazysalmap

git clone

After that open the directory by typing this command

cd termux-lazysqlmap
After that type below command

chmod 777

Step 5:
Now you can set up Lazysqlmap by typing this common on termux


Step 6:

Now we need some google dorks, if you don't know about dorks then you can learn here, I have found a website using a dork and let's test how to hack this site

Now type lazysqlmap in termux

You will see like this

Hack a website with termux

Now I will type the website taken from Google Dorking

Then, if the site vulnerable to SQLi then you can hack, this site vulnerable so I got databases

  • site_db
  • information_schema

Getting Databases

Now I will type sitedb

So that it will return the tables in the database

Getting Tables

Now you have to choose the desired table, we usually choose admin table
So I will type userlogin

Now it will return some columns in the table

Getting columns

Now we have to choose the desired columns to dump

So I selected all of them

Dumping column

You will Get the Admin Login Details..
Just Decrypt the hash and find the Admin Login Panel of the website then login with the details, that's all now you have hacked the site,


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Hacking someone's website is illegal, we have shared this tutorial is only for educational purpose only,

If you have any questions then feel free to leave your comments below