Interview with Bharat Cyber Soldiers an Indian Hackvisit Group

Interview with Bharat Cyber Soldiers

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Today am Back with something interesting, that I have Interviewed an Indian Hackvisit Group Called Bharat Cyber Soldiers, and I hope you will be amazed to read this post

Because this post is based on Real life Stories of Indian Hackers, along with that this Indian Hackers team revealed their thought, feelings and their struggles

Okay Come to the main Point..

You might be hear of the news that Over 20,000 Indian Websites are Hacked During 2017-18,

not only that still there are a lot of Indian websites are getting Hacked,

If you think that Indian Hackers are Hacking into these sites then you're wrong, most of the websites are getting hacked by our Neighbor country's hackers

You may know that Recently Hyderabad Cyber Police said in Deccan chronicle

“If hacking has taken place from a server based in India, then the service provider will reveal the data based on which we investigate the case and try to track the fraudster. But in most hacking cases, we find that hacking has been done from a foreign land. Their service providers also do not reveal data as it is out of their jurisdiction, making it difficult for us to investigate the cases,”' a Hyderabad cyber crime police official stated.

I thought for a while, then I have decided to reach out to all Indian Hackvisit Groups and Interview all of them,

Unfortunately Bharat Cyber Soldiers (one of the Indian Hackvisit Groups)
Responded to us very quickly, and let's see what actually they said in the interview

(The Interview wasn't done through face to face nor through live video chat, it was done in a unique way, so that we aren't gonna tell you how exactly it was done)

These are the questions answered by them

When Team Bharat Cyber Soldiers Was Started?

they Said:

Bharat Cyber Soldiers was formed on April 1 in 2018.

We had created a Facebook page, our group was formed in the name of Bharat Cyber Soldiers, but the work of our group started on 14 February 2019
when the Pulwama attack took place.

At that time, our team together deleted the account pages of Pakistani and some terrorists, we hacked some Facebook accounts and was disabled.

So when Pulwama happened, our team deleted the Many Facebook account and page groups of Pakistan, then after a few months, people left the group and joined some new ones.

Who is the Leader Of Bharat Cyber Soldiers ?

There is no leader of our group, everyone takes every decision together, there is no one leader in the group, every member is a leader here.

How Many Members are There in your Team?

There are more than 100 members in our group which are specially for spamming and 4,5 for defacing websites.

What's the vision & mission of Bharat Cyber Soldiers?

The vision and mission of our group is that those who are having cyber attacks in our country should be stopped. One of the biggest problems in India is that in Indian websites, we find the loopholes and tell them who is the administrator of the websites. On the contrary, they do an FIR on him, due to which many Indian hacktivist group discovers a loophole in Indian websites, then they do not tell the administrator And this benefits Bangladesh and Pakistani groups hack the Indian websites by targeting them.

How you're formed and Which Hackvisit Group Inspired you the most?

3 most hacktivist groups have inspired me (1) Mallu Cyber Soldiers (2) Kerala Cyber Warrior (3) LulzSec India These three hactivists have inspired me very much to form a group and I have learned from them that there is strength in unity

What's the Reason behind Defacing Pakistan & Bangladesh and many other Anti-Indian Country's Websites?

There is a big reason behind this, but I tell 1,2, the first reason is the script kiddies of their country, they target the websites of our country without reason and the second reason is the reason specially applied to Pakistan. They send terrorists inside our country, they attack our soldiers from behind.This was the most important reason and There are many reasons but these two reasons are very important

How may Websites you're Hacked and What was your Biggest Hack?

We have hacked more than 25 websites, but the biggest hack and spamming was done on Independence Day, in which we deleted 50 + Pages,Account & Groups some of Pakistan's big pages and accounts. Our biggest attack was on Pakistan, I have links to those accounts,groups & Pages, some of them may have come back and I will give those links below. And you can also watch videos of websites hacking on my youtube channel link here

Hacked Pages, Account & Groups Links by Bharat Cyber Soldiers

How you're Protecting Indian cyber Space?

We protect Indian cyberspace, accounts group pages get hacked, we try to backup them. If a backup is made, we return the administrator whose account groups the page belongs to We have backed up 25 accounts that were hacked, or if the website is hacked, then we give them to another Indian hackctivist group for backup.

Are you Receiving any Funds From Indian Government or Any Other Non Profit Organizations?

I wish if it happens but it is not like we do not get funds from any government or non-profit organization, We only work for our country and will continue to do it. If Someone wants to help our group in the future, we are ready for it.

Are you Providing any Service for Personal Profit?

No We Are Not Providing any Service for Personal Profit

How You're Earning for a Living?

We study now, we do not work yet, we are students, so we only study, there are many members in our groups who do jobs

Are you serving anything for the Needy & Poor in India?

We will give them the one message that God who is there also gives everyone a chance with a talent. If you want to become a successful person in life then move ahead by identifying that talent and opportunity.

How you're Inspiring Other Indian Citizens for Hacking & Cyber Security?

There is a great need of hackers in India, so we and other Indian groups together make a course, so we create a course that gives people a chance to learn less, whoever they want to learn, they buy and learn online.

Now we have come out a course on how to hack websites on website hacking and how to save them. We have told this course by hacking live websites on web sites of Bangladesh and Pakistan.

How One Can Join Team Bharat Cyber Soldiers?

It is very easy to join, show your talent and proof that you are an Indian
You can mail or contact us on Twitter.
Mail id bharatcybersoldier@gmail.Com
Twitter Username @bharatkesoldier

Anything to say, to the Youth of India?

I will say to the youth that if you can not fight on the border, then at least you can help the Indian Army, if they travel, they do not get a seat, then give them a seat for a day. They give them seats or water in any way possible, help them.


Though we aren't encouraging any Hackvisit groups, nor hating

This post isn't violating anything here is why

Interviewing is isn't a violation if so 

We treat all Hackers equally even if they were Black Hat, White hat or Grey Hat

We know this blog has global audience, most of you may feel as something I can't be able describe

Instead of spamming on us, if you research about your Country's Hackvisits groups then I am sure you will get much Happiness

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