Top 10 SQL Injection Tools : A Hacker Must Try

Top 10 SQL injection tools

SQL injection is a type of code injection that an attacker can access the database by sending malicious SQL statements in the login fields or by requesting some sort of data in the GET and POST Methods

SQL injection is the most common web vulnerability that allows an attacker to enter into databases, this vulnerability allows the attacker to modifying and dumping the database,

This vulnerability is the most critical web vulnerability at all, it is listed in the Top 10 vulnerabilities by The OWASP,

According to the recently released report by Shodan there some large Organizations are vulnerable to this attack

Shodan report

Most of the Companies paying higher bug bounties for finding this vulnerability, if you're a Hacker, Pentester or a Security Researcher then you might probably know about What SQL injection is,

But the most challenging part as a Hacker or as a Bug Hunter is finding those Sql injection vulnerability in multiple targets in a certain time, sometimes we feel its a though part, for that we have to use sql injection testing tools

So today in this post we are presenting the top 10 SQL injection tools, which are the best tools for finding sql injection vulnerabilities

Top 10 SQL injection tools

Here is the best sql injection tools list
  • Sqlmap
  • Burp Suite
  • SQL Dumper
  • Owasp
  • Netsparker
  • Acunitex
  • Arachni
  • Hackbar Firefox Extension
  • Havij
  • Nesus

Most of the tools are available for Kali Linux, if you want to use them in windows then there is a possibility that you can

If you're completely newbies to these tools, then let me explain them one by one


Sqlmap is the most powerful sql injection tool for finding SQL injection and database takeover, the tool was written in Python 2.7, it is also a best automated sql injection tool with multi thread support
It's a Open Source Project available at github

Burp suite:

Burp Suite is one of the best automated sql injection tool, but its a Paid tool, its also available for Windows, Linux and Mac, if you're looking for a sql injection tools for windows than you can choose it

Recommended Reading: Burp Suite Tutorial For Beginners

SQL Dumper

SQL Dumper is also a powerful SQL injection tool, this tool is similar to havij, this tool also available for Windows 10, if you're looking for Windows tools then its a good choice.


OWASP Zed Attack Proxy is one of the popular sql injection tools, it's a good tool for both Automatic Scanning and Manual Testing, Its a Open Source Project by OWASP, this a good tool to scan web application vulnerabilities


Netsparker is one of the best automated sql injection tool, its a good tool for finding web app vulnerabilities and automating scans


This tool is one of the most powerful sql injection tool, this tool is a all in one web vulnerability scanning tool, this tool is helpful for detecting different types of web vulnerability in any web apps


Its a Powerful Web application Scanning Framework in Ruby, this tool is compatible for Windows, Linux and Mac

This is a Open Source Tool, you can Download it on their official site

Havij Tool:

Havij is one of the popular sql injection tools, it is a GUI tool, if you're looking for best sql injection tools for windows then this one is good for you, its a advanced tool and it is widely used by crackers

Hackbar Firefox Extension

This is one of the advanced sql injection tools, its a good tool for manual SQL injection testing, but its a Browser Extension that comes with handly tools such as string Encoding, Decoding, WAF Bypassing, and many other handly SQL injection exploits

Recently some people reported that this tool is not working properly for the Firefox version higher than 40
You can try this extension Hackbar Tool for SQL injection testing


This tool is also a best automated sql injection tool for Windows, that supports modern technology web app, you can get a free demo of this tool on their website


Hope you guys found this article useful, we tried our best to present the best tools for finding sql injection vulnerabilities,

These are the most popular SQL injection tool, still there are lot of best tools, so don't limit yourself keep testing them,

If you think anything is missed then feel free to leave your feedback

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