Hack Someone's Front Camera Using Termux (Issue Sovled)

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Today in this post am going to tell you how to Hack Someone's Front Camera Using Termux

So here is the scenario  to hack Someone's Smartphone's Front Camera

  • Firstly you have to install a tool called Saycheese in Termux
  • Then Configure it with Ngrok
  • Now everything is ready, just start the Ngrok servers and you have to send the link to the victim
  • When they open the link, if they allow permission for the camera then you will get the pictures

This is not gonna be a long tutorial, am going to make it too short and understand by everyone

So just follow these steps to get started

Firstly you have to install The Termux App

If installed then open the app and type below commands

apt update && apt upgrade

Then type


Then give storage access

Now type below command to install git,

in the meanwhile, we have already shared all basic Termux Commands list here
pkg install git

After that type this command to install Saycheese

git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/saycheese

Now type

cd saycheese

Then type

bash saycheese.sh

If it asks for Ngrok install, just enter yes

That's all

Hack Phone Camera Using Termux

You will see an interface like this

Just select Ngrok or Servero by typing 1 or 2

Now you will get a direct link

Now you have to send the link to your victim,

In case if your direct link is blank then turn on mobile hotspot and try again

If your victim opens the link and gives access to the camera, then you will receive the captured photos of his/her front camera

Now you can stop the program by CTRL+C

and type ls to see the received files on Saycheese

You will see something like this


Now move the files to sdcard by typing

mv cam10mar2020...xxx.png /sdcard/
Now, open file manager, you will see the photos

That's all, this is one of the easier ways to Hack Someone's Smartphone's front  camera

Note that this tutorial is only for educational purposes only, we are not responsible for any misuse

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  1. Sir .....it is asking that " [01] Serveo.net
    [02] Ngrok

    [+] Choose a Port Forwarding option: 2
    I require wget but it's not installed. Install it. Aborting." Please do reply me on my email

    1. if wget is not installed then you can install it by typing

      pkg install wget

  2. Brooh I have sent this link to victim and i got image.png but it will not move to my filemanager by typing (mv cam14May2020043424.png/sdcard/)
    It will error missing destination
    What was i suppose to do now plss reply

    1. give a space between file.png and /sdcard

      type as

      mv cam14May2020043424.png /sdcard/

  3. cd: Saycheese: No such file or directory
    $. How this

  4. Sir please make a tutorial to get access on someone's Instagram account from termux

  5. hello! when i viewed captured picture but it is all blackk