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Let's Come to the point, today in this tutorial am going to tell you how to install advanced phishing tools in Termux

In our previous posts, we have told how to hack social media accounts by phishing using Termux, but the problem is those tools are being updated and people face some issues while installing and using, I have some limited time to check and update in our blog, but with little bit effort you too can understand how to use

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So what you can expect from these Advanced Phishing Tools?

Nowadays Security is getting stronger with OTP, and Two Factor Authentication, even if we can get our victim User login details, we stuck with some extra security layers

That's why hackers decided to give a solution, by using these advanced tools, we can easily bypass OTP

So let's see

How to Install Advanced Phishing Tools in Termux

When it comes to tools, it's not limited, the problem is to pick up the right one which is compatible with our device and start our attack

I have chosen two advanced phishing tools which you can use on Termux, by using the tools you can hack

Let's install them

How to Install Adv Phishing Tool in Termux

Advanced Phishing Tools Termux

This is one of the best and most advanced phishing tools, by using this tool you can hack any social media accounts including Tiktok, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.

Follow the steps to get started

  • Install Termux From Playstore
  • Type the commands one by one



apt update && apt upgrade


pkg install git


git clone


cd AdvPhishing && ls


chmod 777 *




This section will be a tricky part for you, so follow carefully

Ngrok will be downloaded within a few minutes, after that you are requested to update the API key of Ngrok

just go to and signup there, there you will get the API key, copy and paste it into our Termux

Now everything is ok if you didn't find the interface just start Adv Phishing Tool by typing


Now choose the desired social media and you will get a link (if the link is not generated then turn on Mobile Hotspot)

How to use Advanced Phishing Tool

Send the link to your victim, if he/she entered the login details then you will get the details

Here are some limitations with ngrok, if you overuse the tool then the link won't work

For that there is another tool known as SocialPhish, you can install it in Termux

SocialPhish in Termux

Follow the commands to get started

pkg install git


git clone


cd SocialPhish


chmod +x



That's all, you will get an interface like the previous tool just select the social media platforms and you will get a link to send that to your victim

This Post is for educational purposes only, and we are not  responsible for any misuse

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