How to Hack Facebook With Termux (Updated)

Hey guys, we are back with a simple tutorial to hack facebook with Termux by using Weeman Tool

after getting a lot of requests from our users, we decided to post this article about how to hack fb with termux

We have already posted an article about how to use Termux and Installation of some Hacking Tools, if you have missed that article then

You Can Read It here: Hacking with Termux App

This Tutorials is Only For Educational Purposes Only and we are no more responsible for any mistake you do

Okay, now let me tell you what is Weeman, and how to install and use it on Termux Android app, finally use it your own risk and hack facebook,

Installing Weeman In Termux and Hacking Facebook

What you will learn in this post
  • What is Weeman
  • Installing Weeman In Termux
  • Installing SocialFish In Termux
  • Installing AK47 in Termux
  • Installing Python 2 in Termux
  • Finally hack Facebook with Termux

What is Weeman

Weeman is a simple but effective python tool for phishing, with this tool you can easily do phishing on any website, you can do phishing on Facebook to hack facebook accounts,

This tool can be used to do phishing on various websites like Gmail, Twitter etc,
Okay cool, now let's go to the tutorial point

Firstly download and install Termux app on your Android
Then open Termux and type these commands and hit enter

apt update && upgrade

Now give permission to Termux to access your memory
So type below command


Then type this command to install python2

pkg install python2

During installation of python2 you will be asked " Termux will use some space"
Just type Y and hit enter
Now you have to install git, for that type this command

pkg install git

After successfully installing git, type below command to install Weeman

git clone

After that type this command

cd weeman && ls

Now you have to type below command to run Weeman on Python


Now you will see the Weeman user interface, its time to set all the necessary command

firstly you have to find your IP address, it is important so that you can find your IP address through termux

Just open a new tab on termux and type below command to see your IP


Hack Facebook with termux

Now you got your IP address, now type below commands to get started

set url
set action_url
set port 8080

Note that, in this tutorial, we are going to do phishing for Facebook, inorder to hack facebook using Termux, so we have typed set url to

How To Hack Facebook Using Termux (Weeman)

If you're targeting Facebook mobile users then set the url to
Eg: set url
Now finally type this command


Setting up weeman in termux

that's all you have successfully executed all the commands to hack Facebook

Now you have to share your IP with your victim to get his username and password

so send a link to your victim as http://Your_IP:8080


Executing weeman in victim browser

When your victim opens the link then it will open a phishing page and when they enter their email and password then you will easily get them as shown in the screenshot

hack Facebook with termux

How To Install SocialFish in Termux to Hack Facebook

SocialFish tool in Termux

SocialFish is Collection of Advanced Phishing Tools, we can use SocialFish in Termux to Hack Facebook, so let's see how we can install it on Termux

Firstly install Termux

Type below commands

apt update && apt upgrade

Then type

git clone

Then type

cd SocialFish

Then type

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now type


chmod +x

Finally Type


Just use your brain to know how to use it

You can install SocialFish Tool developed by Anon U4DY in Termux By Using Only One Command

Just copy and paste below command in Termux

pkg install git python php curl openssh grep && pip3 install wget && git clone && cd HiddenEye && chmod 777 && python

Install AK47 Facebook Brute Forcing Tool in Termux

Ak47 in Termux

Firstly let me say that Bruteforcing Facebook is a shit Nowadays, Facebook and many other sites are updating their Own AI to Detect Britefore Attack and Block The Requests, still if you're interested then try this tool

Type Below Commands To install

pkg install python2


pkg install git

Then type

git clone

Now type ls

Then type

cd AK47

Then type

chmod +x *

Now type ls

Then type


And select Facebook brute and follow the instruction

Conclusion :

Hope you guys learnt how to hack facebook account with termux,
 This tutorial is only for educational purpose, we are not responsible for any misuse

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  1. hi there,I actually run the program earlier do I need to start afresh by installing weeman again I want to use the phishing again? because I feel installing weeman and python2 should have been downloaded

    1. Hey dude, you can check whether weeman is installed or not

      Just open Termux then type ls if you found weeman then open its ditectry

      Just type cd weeman

      Then type L's

      Finally type python2

      That's all

  2. Replies
    1. Sure dude, Soon am going to create a video on this

      Stay connected

  3. I have closed termux from my recent apps. When I opened it again all the cmd was deleted, so now how can I find id and password of those who have logged into that page

    1. Hey Dude, if you're using Hackers Keyboard then you can get all the Previosly typed commands,

      You have done a hige mistake, i recommend you to try again

  4. After entering all commands a usual error occurs

    1. Can you send us a screenshot by uploading to any image hosting site

  5. Hello I have a problem please can you please help me out

    1. Let us know your problem, so that we will try to give you a solution

  6. Bhai mera nahi huva mujhe step by step batao please

    1. Majak mat karo Bhaiyo😝

      Thoda dimak ko use karo subh kuch hojayega🙌

  7. Iske aage nahi jara hai ye
    Starting weeman 1.7.1 server on http localhost

    1. Can you send a screenshot by uploading to any free image hosting site,

      This usually happens when there is a new update occurs

    2. Can you send a screenshot by uploading to any free image hosting site,

      This usually happens when there is a new update occurs

  8. tried it, and its working only if u and the victim connects the same wifi, doesnt work remotely, thanks if theres a way to send remotely, pls let us know, thank u

    1. Yes you're right, Weeman Works if you and Your victim is on the same WiFi,

      Try out our other methods, that might also work

  9. Weeman pishing link isn’t open my victimsmobil. What's ...??
    Plz helpme

    1. To use weeman, you and your victim must be connected to same WiFi, else you can use Socialfish and other tools

    2. To use weeman, you and your victim must be connected to same WiFi, else you can use Socialfish and other tools

  10. Bro while I install Social Fish I get error for pip command..what package shold I install to resolve that..!?

  11. Can u please make a tutorial using social fish

    1. Few weeks ago, am started a channel for posting these type of videos but YouTube brings some policies so that one should not post such type of videos, but for knowledge sharing purpose I will make some videos, embed to our site