Reputation House: Employee Reviews as a Mirror of Corporate Culture and Management Strategy

More and more companies are realizing that their success largely depends on how satisfied their staff is with the corporate culture and the chosen management strategy. According to Reputation House, employee reviews can provide employers with valuable information about what works well in the company and what needs to be improved. They are also important for potential job candidates. With their help, job seekers form a realistic idea of working conditions, team relations, and interactions with management, and the collected data helps them make an informed decision on whether they want to become a part of the team or not.

Reputation House

Reputation House on the impact of employee reviews on business image

A company's profit depends directly on the efficiency of its personnel - it is hard to argue with this fact. Even if a highly demanded product is created, a niche is chosen correctly, and an optimal promotion strategy is selected, all efforts are doomed to failure without a good team.

It is not an easy task to find real professionals who will do their best to make the company successful. There is a real battle in the market for promising and qualified candidates. The winner is not the employer who offers the highest pay. The winner will be the one whose HR brand is the strongest and most attractive.

Reputation House knows how employee reviews influence the recruitment of an effective team. The agency cites statistics that state:

  • 69% of applicants will refuse an offer if it comes from a company with a bad image. Applicants will still refuse, even if they are unemployed.

  • A third of candidates will still not accept an offer, even if compensation is increased by 100%.

  • 95% of companies are looking for employees through social networks.

This is why it is so important that job seekers encounter mostly positive content in the search results. This is a task that is solved by the agency Reputation House through SERM - Search Engine Reputation Marketing. Its tools make it possible to push negativity out of the first page of the results, replacing it with information with a positive tone.

Why is negative content only displaced in the top 10 pages? It's because only 5% of people go to the second page, so you have to work with the first page of the search to form the desired opinion.

One may get the impression that, in order to create a good image for a company, simply removing negativity is enough. But Reputation House's experience working with employee reviews proves that an absolutely "sterile" information space has the opposite effect. Job seekers are distrustful if there is only positive information about the company. After all, there are always people who are dissatisfied with something. Therefore, a small amount of negativity has the right to exist, allowing potential employees to form their own opinion.

What role does SERM play in building an HR brand?

Reputation House

If you receive a negative review from a current or former employee, it is important to find out why they hold this opinion. Once you know the reason, you can plan further action. When working with SERM, Reputation House pays special attention to this issue. In the first phase of the work plan, the agency specialists study what problems are of concern to the staff, what they are not satisfied with, and what aspects deserve high praise. The agency team analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the client's reputation and prepares a statistical report based on the obtained data.

Strategy development

Reputation House performs further measures in SERM to find out which resources and what kind of content should be pushed out. Employee reviews are usually published on thematic websites, so they are given the most attention. Resources with unreliable or irrelevant information about the corporate culture and peculiarities of management in the company are also identified. When the list of platforms, topics, and volume of future content is prepared, and after coordination with the client, the Reputation House team proceeds to the next phase of SERM.

Displacement of negativity

This is where our managers, editors, marketers, and copywriters come in. They create content that will match the spirit of the company, its corporate culture, and its positioning on the labor market. The Reputation House team publishes employee reviews, news, articles, and discussions on social networks, thematic resources, and other platforms. It makes sure that the first page of search results only contains verified content that meets the client's wishes in the HR field.

Among the responsibilities of the agency's employees are monitoring the audience's reaction and correspondence with the owners of the websites where inaccurate information was posted. If the review does not really match the real state of things at the company, it is requested to be removed in a pre-trial procedure. And the most extreme measure is an appeal to the court to protect the honor and dignity of the client.

After completing the SERM cycle, Reputation House analyzes the results. Specialists find out what worked best, what sources were more effective, and what the audience's reaction was to the new content. The data obtained is taken into account when developing a new cycle, i.e. the resulting strategy is dynamic.

With Reputation House, you can make sure that job seekers perceive your company in a positive way. They will want to work for you and benefit you. This means that your success is inevitable, as you will have the most important thing - a motivated and highly qualified team.

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