Koo App: Here What You Need to Know About The False Data Leak Claim

All you need to know about the data leak claim of Koo app

There was a buzz on the internet about the Indian Twitter alternative of the Koo app, Recently Some People claiming that there was a data leak in the Koo app, Security Researchers Verified that was a false claim, here what exactly you need to know.

koo app

What is Koo?

Koo is a Micro-Blogging platform developed by Bangalore based Company Bombinate Technologies Private Limited, this app has a decent userbase, it is considered as an alternative to Twitter which is available on the web as well as playstore  and Apple store

Who has developed or created Koo?

Koo is Developed by  Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka 

What is special about Koo?

koo app

Koo is an alternative to Twitter, a microblogging platform developed by India, a few days ago Twitter denied the request of banning some accounts on its platform which Indian government claimed those fake accounts spreading fake news

After some days Govt Officials Started Moving to Koo a Micro-blogging platform, in spite the userbase is quietly increased

What about the Chinese connection

Some people shared screenshots claiming Koo is a Chinese backed platform

And that was fake, the truth is 

koo app

The domain http://kooapp.com was traded many times before it was registered by Bombinate Technologies

koo app

What about the data leak claim

On 11th February a Twitter user  Elliot Alderson has claimed that the Koo app is leaking the personal data of its users

In response to that a Twitter user Er. RewCie (CoE) did a fact check and said that’s a false claim

Here what he said

Is Koo App leaking Personal user data at all? No! The JSON db shows the exact thing which the user has permitted for the public view. It wasn't a hack or vulnerability at all. It's total Bullshit! The guy was involved in various such gimmicks before and I was blocked for exposing

you can read the Twitter thread here on threadreaderapp

Koo app CEO, Aprameya R  tweeted claiming there is no such data leak

This is the same lame hacker (Elliot Alderson) who earlier claimed hacking Aragya setu app, UPI payments, Aadhar Card data and so on

In his, every hack claim Indian infosec community always exposed his propaganda

here you might be interested to read a blog post by Nidhish Pandya, who revealed the agenda behind Arogya setu hack

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