300+ Best Termux Tools For Ethical Hacking

Learn How To Install the best tools for termux within 1 minute
Hacking made easy with termux android app, nowadays there are so many Pentesters, Security Researchers And Hackers are using termux android app to perform some pentesting stuff.

If you're looking for Best hacking tool for termux then this post is for you

termux tools

In this post am going to present you the best hacking tools for termux, by using these best termux tools you can do some pentesting stuff

 the Amazing thing is that some of these tools consist of many other hacking tools which can be installed in one click.

In our recent post i have already told you about termux and how to install hacking tools in termux,

If you have missed out that then don't worry You can read the Ultimate Guide To : Ethical Hacking With Termux

Top 10 Termux Hacking Tools

Before we are going to present you the tools, let me know you what exactly we are going to tell you,

  • Best Hacking Tools For Termux
  • How to install these hacking tools in termux
  • How to use these hacking tools in termux
  • What are the benifits of each tool

Now its time to Know what are the Top 10 Hacking Tools for Termux and how to install them

Nmap for Termux :

Nmap is the no.1 Hacking Tool, it is widely used by Hackers, Pentesters, Security Researchers,

It is mainly used to scan for open ports on any server, it consists of some powerful scripts that makes our work much easy

How to install Nmap in Termux

You can install Nmap in Termux just by typing a few commands
If you have already installed Termux from play store then open Termux and type below command


You will be asked to give permission to Termux for storage access

After that type below command

apt update && apt upgrade
After that you will be asked to update packages to newer packages, so simply type y for yes and hit enter

To install Nmap you have to type below command

pkg install nmap

That's all you have successfully installed nmap in Termux

Hydra for Termux

As you know hydra is a powerful brute force tool to guess and crack valid passwords, let's see how we can install it on Termux

How to install and use hydra in Termux

Hydra can be installed in Termux just by typing below command

pkg install hydra

After installing hydra, you can use hyrda by typing hydra in Termux

Metasploit For Termux

Metasploit is an advanced hacking tool, which is now available for Termux, let's see how to install Metasploit in Termux

We can install Metasploit in Termux by various methods but i recommend you to install it by one automatic

How to install and use Metasploit in Termux

To install Metasploit in Termux just type below commands

cd $HOME

Then type

pkg install wget

Then type

wget https://Auxilus.github.io/metasploit.sh

Finally type

bash metasploit.sh

That's all you have successfully installed Metasploit in Termux
To use Metasploit just type below command


Sqlmap for Termux

Sqlmap is a powerful tool for SQL injection scanning and database dumping of websites

You can install it by typing few commands

Firstly install git by typing

pkg install git

Then type below command

git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap

then install python2 in Termux by typing below command

pkg install python2

Finally goto sqlmap folder by typing cd sqlmap

Finally type below command to run sqlmap

python2 sqlmap.py

How to use Tool-X hacking tool in Termux

Tool-x is a collection of some useful hacking tools(This Single tool contains 300+ Hacking Tools) which can be installed in one click, let's see how to install and use it

How to install Tool-X in Termux

To install Tool just type below commands on Termux
Firstly you have to install git so type below command

pkg install git

After that type below command

git clone https://github.com/Rajkumrdusad/Tool-X.git

Now type

cd Tool-X

After that type

chmod +x install.aex

Now type

sh install.aex or type ./install.aex

Finally you can use Tool-X by typing Tool-X in Termux

Social Engineer Tool For Termux

Social engineer tool is a powerful tool to perform several social engineering attacks, including spoofing and more

Let's see how to install and use SET in Termux

Firstly type below command to install curl

pkg install curl

Then type below command

curl -LO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hax4us/setoolkit/master/setoolkit.sh
Then type below command

sh setoolkit.sh

Now type

cd setoolkit

Now type


finally type


Xerxes DDoS Tool For Termux

Xerxes is a powerful DDoS tool which is written in C Language, in order to install and use it on Termux then follow below steps

After installing git you have to install c language in Termux for that type below command

pkg install clang

After that type below command

git clone https://github.com/zanyarjamal/xerxes

After that goto xerxes folder by typing cd xerxes

And type this command

clang xerxes.c -o xerxes

Now you can run Xerxes by typing ./xerxes

How to install and use Fsociety Tool in Termux

Fsociety tool is an advanced hacking tool which contains powerful hacking tools, now let's see how to install and use it

Firstly install git in Termux by typing pkg install git

Then type below commands

  • git clone https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety.git
  • pip2 install requests
  • chmod +x fsociety.py
  • python2 fsociety.py

Final Words

Hope you guys so much excited to learn ethical hacking with termux, but I didn't included some hacking tools for Termux,

So don't worry guys I will update this article again,

If you have any questions then feel free to comment below.
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  1. How to add metasploid cd$HOME is not working
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    1. Nope,

      You can't move Termux to Memory card, once it is possible to use Termux on External Storage

      Now you can't move anymore
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