Mass Layoffs: The Dark Truth Media and Companies might be Hiding

The Reason behind Mass layoffs from a Developer and a Infosec Guy

It's about something other than Over hiring, Fake Experience or Lack of budget. Everyone wants to know the truth about Why Companies Firing Employees.

Mass Layoffs

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Big tech companies have good intelligence. We all know they have outstanding background checks and strict and well-planned Interviews. A fake experience guy won't be able to survive in those companies as easily, and no one would believe that the companies are in heavy loss.

When I had a career gap, even companies refused to offer internships to me, and I did not stop. I stepped into freelancing and roamed here and there on the freelancing platforms. Those platforms did not suit me best. It was a challenging situation for me during the Covid Lockdown.

Later, People offered me a good amount of money to solve their programming-related queries, let's call it "Job Support", and I started to work for them. Sometimes, I spent all my time working for them but later realised they were cheating their managers and Companies.

Even though the companies are aware of the employees (Including Interns) outsourcing their work, I don't have any problem with that, as my goal is to earn money in that problematic situation. Even employees of Big companies are already started giving job support to others.

Whatever the reason behind the layoffs, I would like to convey my views on that, as I gave Job support to many People, and I have good Knowledge of how fake experience Job Markets run in India and abroad. Being an Infosec guy, I also know how Hackers and Ransomware gangs operate.

Do you remember How Uber was hacked?

Of course, it was due to an employee of the company who shared the VPN login credentials with a bad guy. He scanned the internal networks of the company then the magic happened.

Due to the Increase in Cyber Attacks during the Covid Lockdown, every company tried to safeguard themselves by using secure VPN connections on their Infrastructure; an employee has to go through the VPN to access their network.

Why would someone share the credentials with others?

There are a few reasons behind this.

  • For Money
  • Outsource their work
  • Other reasons

For Money

Ransomware Operators are always in search of insiders from their targetted companies. They often pay a heavy amount to share their login details or blackmail those employees into gaining access to their internal systems.

For Outsource their work

Many unskilled guys join a company through the backdoor process or by luck. During remote work culture, They often used to outsource their work. Many APT groups promise to do their job in exchange for some money. At the same time, they steal their confidential data without the employee's notice.

These are the only reasons I know.

VPN is not the issue here. Companies should also understand the threats they will get if their confidential code falls into the wrong hands.

My Views

Though this blog post may hurt those who were skilled enough and fired, I don't think any medium-level company gonna do the mass firing; moreover, many employees did not have anything to do with their job.

My views are always experiential, as a Developer, I have worked for many people in the past, and as an Infosec guy, I know how APT operate. 

Some company's financial management has genuinely fallen, which is one of the reasons behind the mass layoffs.

Remember, Ther are always a shortage of Talent for IT companies,

Companies that are always in need of Talent. 

Stay motivated, Upskill yourself, and Good Luck.
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