How To Track A Phone Number (Quick Way)

Track a Phone Number Information, Find Its Owner Name and The Person behind it, as Ethical Hackers and Black Hat Hackers style
The Technology  is Growing  Day by Day and the Mobile users are increasing , there are millions of Phone numbers and each number is unique and different from others

Now its Difficult to Track a Phone Number in India or in any other country  there are a lot Fake online services To Track a Phone Number namely  Phone Tracker, Cell Phone Tracker, Phone locator, Track my phone, Find Phone Location and many more ,so don't waste your time with those services.

Below I have presented some quick ways to track a phone number

How To Track A Phone Number

If you are worried about Fake Phone calls or wrong Calls then you may  try to know the caller details

How To Track a Phone Number

I have collected some quick ways to Track a phone number and presting in this Post

True Caller is The Quick Way to Track A Phone number

Still Most of The People Don't Know About True Caller,

In True caller , you will find almost all phone number details such as owner name, Basic Location etc,

To track a Phone number goto and search the number, true caller app also available for Android, IOS and Windows mobile

Basically True Caller gathers the phone number details on social media sites such as Facebook

if you didn't Found the number in True caller then Search For the Number in Facebook,  of the people signup for Facebook using their phone number

Still Didn't Found the Number in Facebook then Goto gmail and Click on Forget password then you will be asked to enter your email address just click on I Forget username
Then You will be asked to provide your phone number then simply provide the phone number which you have to track,

if the number registered then you will see the email id , now copy the email Id and and search with that email on Facebook or other social media

I have told to Click on forget Password for gmail but you can do the same with yahoo mail , Facebook and other social media sites so try at your own risk.

How to trace Phone Number In Termux

(This Method is No Longer Working, The Phoneinfoga Team re-written their tool in go language)
Termux Phone Number Tracer
Now you can trace Any Phone Number in Termux with the help of PhoneInfoga an OSINT tool developed by Sundowndev

( This Section is for geeks, if you wish then you can try, if you have basic knowledge of using Termux App, you can learn more about Termux by following our Termux Tutorial PDF)

So let's see how we can use termux phone number tracker in your android Termux, but before we get started you must have basic knowledge of the Termux,

If you don't have then no worries, here is the Termux Commands PDF

Installing and using the PhoneInfoga Tool is very easy through Termux, however it has some requirements to run properly


  1. Termux App
  2. Python
  3. Git
  4. PhoneInfoga Tool

So firstly download and install Termux from playstore.

After installation just type below commands to start using The Tool

Firstly type below command in termux

apt update && apt upgrade

Then type

pkg install python

Then type

pkg install git

Now type

git clone

Now type

Now type cd PhoneInfoga && ls

then type

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
Now type


Finally type

python -n number

That's all you will get all the info regarding to the phone number.


This tutorial is for basic information gathering of phone number and most of the people search for How To track a Phone number Location and How To track Through IMEI , also How to track phone numbers, But its Not Possible at all You have to Consult Cyber Crime Police if you are getting several Spam Calls or Threatening Calls

Hope you guys Learnt How to Track a Phone Number in a Quick Way

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