How To Install SSH On Termux

Complete tutorial on How to use SSH on Termux
SSH termux

Hello guys in this post, am going to tell you how you can use SSH on your Android phone using Termux

In our previous tutorials, we have talked about ethical hacking and hacking tools in Termux

In this tutorial let's see how you can use SSH on Termux

So far, if you've reached this page that means you already have an idea about SSH, and you might be unable to use SSH on Termux, if so then this guide may surely help you out

If you're new to SSH then let me explain a little bit about SSH

What is SSH?

According to the Wikipedia

Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. Typical applications include remote command-line, login, and remote command execution, but any network service can be secured with SSH.

In simple words, SSH is a protocol that helps two Computers to communicate
SSH is used to login to a remote computer and execute commands, file transfer and to perform many other things

How to use SSH on Android

Firstly I was used Juice SSH app, later I was switched to Termux

However, there are few more methods to establish an SSH connection through your Android phone but Termux and Juice SSH is my favorite

If you're confused how to termux ssh client, ssh server in Termux

Then nothing to worry

Let's see how to use SSH on Termux

How To Install SSH on Termux

Follow these few steps to get started

Firstly Install Termux From Playstore
Step2: After opening Termux, type this command

apt update && apt upgrade

Then type this command to install openssh

pkg install openssh

After typing this command you're ready to use SSH on Termux, however there some alternative to ssh still open ssh for termux is stable

termux ssh connection refused

Type ssh -h
To get the help menu

Solution on termux ssh connection refused

If you're failed to establish an SSH connection then open Termux and type below commands one by one

apt update && apt upgrade


Then you're ready to use SSH on Termux
Before writing this post I was used AWS instances through SSH on Termux

termux ssh connection refused

Note: make sure to check SSH help section by typing ssh -h on Termux to get the help menu

Hope you like this tutorial

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