How To Install Kali Linux On Android (Step-By-Step Guide)

Install Kali Linux on Android with this simple step by step tutorial with screenshots
What's up guys, today Techncyber brought the ultimate guide to install Kali Linux on any Android Smartphone,

As You Know Kali Linux is the Most popular Linux Distribution Used For Pentesting, and it is widely used by Security Researchers, Ethical Hackers and even Cyber Criminals.

Kali linux on android

Now In This Tutorial Let's See How We Can Install The Kali Linux Distribution In Our Android SmartPhone with Root and Without Root

There is a tutorial on installing Kali Linux in android by official Kali Linux you can read it here
But the tutorial is only for root users

Let's Explore Our Top 3 Ways To Install Kali On Android  Without Root & With Root

Requirements To Install Kali Linux On Android (With Root)

Requirements :
  • Android Device with at Least 5 GB Free Space, RAM at Least 1GB
  • A Speed Internet Connection
  • Device Must Be Fully Charged
  • Root Access
  • BusyBox Must Be Installed

We can Install Kali Linux Without Root, Firstly Let's See How To Install With Root

Steps To Install Kali Linux on Android With Root

Step1: Download And Install Busybox Installer from Playstore, and Install The Compatible Version Of BusyBox On your Android,

Step2: Now Download and Install Linux Deploy from Playstore

• After Installing, Open Linux Deploy and Click On Three Dots (On Bottom Right Side) as Shown In the screenshot

Linux deploy

• In The Distribution section Select Kali Linux,

Set Distribution to Kali Linux

• Scroll Down And Define your desired Username and Password In The Username and Password Fields

Set Distribution to Kali Linux

• Now Save All The Settings

Set Distribution to Kali Linux

• Now Click On Three Dots, you will see Install just Tap on It

•  It will take 5-10 Minutes to Install Kali Linux On Your Android, after installation success, click on Start Button

• Now You Have To Install VNC Viewer From Play store

• After Installing, Goto Linux Deploy and Click On Start Button

Set Distribution to Kali Linux

• Now Goto VNC Viewer App and make a new connection, In The Address Field type localhost and Name Field as Kali Linux

vnc settings

• Now Tap On Connect, you will be asked to enter username and password, just enter the username and password which you have chosen

Finally, click on connect, that's all you will be able to use Kali Linux On Your Android

Running Kali Linux with Linux Deploy and VNC Viewer

How to install kali linux on android without root

In the past Root Is Required To Install Kali Linux On any Android Device, But Now You Can Install Kali Linux on Android Without Rooting Your Android

Install kali linux on android step by step no root

There are two more ways to Install Kali Linux without Root
Let's see

How To Install Kali Linux With Limbo PC Emulator

The Limbo PC Emulator is a Good PC Emulator For Android, which we are going to run Kali Linux through it

Now Limbo PC emulator is removed from playstore, Skip this method and try other methods

  • Before Downloading The iso file you have to know your device architecture

So The Question is
How To Know Your Device Architecture?

  • After opening it, Look At the System Tab, if You see Arm: Armv7 Arm64, X86

  • Armv7 is 32Bit, Arm64 is 64 bit

  • That's all you have known your device architecture

Now goto the official Kali Linux Website and download the Kali Linux iso file as compatible with your device

  • Now open Limbo PC Emulator

  • Click on New (on the Top Right Corner)

Limbo PC emulator

  • Select Your Architecture as shown in the screenshot

  • Select the Machine Type To Pc

  • Select Core CPU to 4

Limbo CPU settings

  • In the storage section select Hard drive and select the Kali Linux iso file

  • In the Boot Settings Select Default or Hard drive

Limbo hardware settings

  • Now Goto Top And Click on start
Start Limbo

  • You will be able to see the user interface just click on keyboard and hit enter
Running Kali Linux on limbo PC emulator

  • After Booting Finish, You will be able To Use Kali Linux on Your Android

Different Devices supports different methods of booting, if booting fails then select booting from Different Methods

You can do the same by using Bochs Android App

Firstly download and install Bochs from play store

Bochs storage settings

After that, open Bochs And On The Storage Tab Tick on ata0-master

And Select Cdrom then Select the Kali Linux iso file

In the Boot Section Select CD Rom

In the Hardware Section,

Bochs hardware settings

Assign The RAM You wanna use for Kali Linux

After that just click on the Start Button (In The Top Right Corner)

That's all You Will Be Able To Use Kali Linux On Android without Rooting

Now let's see

How To Install Kali Linux Using Termux

If you're wondering how to install kali linux on termux then this section is for you

Now we can install kali linux in android by using termux that too without root

Just Follow below simple steps to install and know how to use kali linux in termux


•You must have at least 2GB Free Space on Your Device

•You have to Install Termux and Anlinux App From Playstore

•Device Must be Fully Charged

Firstly Install Termux, Anlinux App From Playstore

Then Open Anlinux and Click on Dashboard

Anlinux Dashboard

And Choose Kali as the Destro and you will get the commands
just click on copy

Now Open Termux and Paste the Commands in Termux and hit Enter

Downloading Kali on Termux

it will take some time to install kali
After Successful installion you will be able to start kali by typing


Pro Tip:

In the same way you can install Parrot Os, Arch Linux, Ubuntu and many other popular os in your android
just have a look at the dashboard in Anlinux App

Now we need Kali Desktop Environment so Open Anlinux App and Click On Dashboard

select xfce4

then select Environment to Xfce4

And Destro to Kali

select kali

You Will Get the Commands just click on copy

Now Open Termux and start kali by typing

Now Paste the commands

it will take some time to install kali desktop image

select kali

after successful installation, You have to select language, Keyboard Type and set a password

if you have done the above then you can start the vnc server by typing



The command vncserver-start
must be typed inside the kali machine, ie. after starting kali by ./

vncserver-stop command is used to stop vnc server

Now Download VNC Viewer From Playstore

and Make a new connection

In the address field type localhost:1
and give any name as you wish

Now Click on Connect..

Now Enter The Password..

using Kali Linux in Termux

Boom.. You are able to use kali linux on android through Termux


Hope You Guys, liked our tutorial on how to install kali linux on android, if you face any problem During Installation of Kali Linux on your Android, then feel free to comment below
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  1. Superb working
  2. I am having problem to open vnc server
    It is asking for ip address and password
    But password is not given there
    1. After installing kali


      Then define the password

      That's it, open vnc viewer and connect
  3. Can we install Kali with out root
    1. yes
  4. I am successfully install kalilinux and i have open it...
    What to do if we want to go to kali linux environment for second time ?
    1. You can Open Termux

      and type

  5. After ./
    It says root@localhost#
    What should i do?
    Help me
    1. That means, you have successfully installed Kali Linux

      You can install a Graphical Interface version too

      Just follow above tutorial
  6. root@localhost:~# wget && bash
    --2021-01-11 01:46:29--
    Resolving ( failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.
    wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’
    1. Check your internet connection
  7. I typed vncserver-start and it said command not found. I did all the previous steps. What should I do?
    1. Probably the Xfce environment is not ready

      Try to follow this tutorial step by step and install the instructions
  8. After the VNC SETUP setup mine says, “Unable to contact settings server ”
    It shows that in front of my VNC viewer
    1. try stopping vnc server and restarting


    2. This same happened to me i used stop command later also it has not got started
  9. I tried opening kali using vnc viewer with an linux but...vncserver-start command not found' its showinglike this what should i do let me know...
  10. seems vnc server wasn't installed, follow those steps carefully, if the problem exists, then let us know which device you are using
  11. you must type the command in kali not in termux terminal

    I mean after executing ./
  12. root@localhost:~# vncserver-start
    /usr/local/bin/vncserver-start: line 4: vncserver: command not found what should I do ?
  13. root@localhost:~# vncserver-start
    /usr/local/bin/vncserver-start: line 4: vncserver: command not found. What shoul I do ?
  14. seems xfce environment is not properly installed, goto Anlinux dashboard setup dashboard, select kali and copy the command and paste that inside kali
  15. pkg install wget openssl-tool proot -y && hash -r && wget && bash
    Checking availability of current mirror: ok
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree... Done
    Package openssl-tool is not available, but is referred to by another package.
    This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
    is only available from another source
    However the following packages replace it:

    E: Unable to locate package wget
    E: Package 'openssl-tool' has no installation candidate
    E: Unable to locate package proot

    Looks like the source is not available
  16. Buddy , whenever I type command
    ./ after it shows that
    bash: ./ : No such file or directory

    Can u help me in resolving this issue
    1. it should be ./

      once check if the file exists by typing ls
  17. After giving command
    It appears
    Proot warning: can't sanitize binding "kali-fs/root" : No such file or directory ......................
    1. Seems there was some problem, remove old one, and need to re-install
  18. Dear bro
    I finshed all installation according you said ,in the final it said below:


    What it mean? And what think do i with it?
    Please guide me
  19. Dear bro
    I finshed all installation according you said ,in the final it said below:


    What it mean? And what think do i with it?
    Please guide me
  20. That means kali linux successfully installed
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