Mobile Security What You Should Know

Mobile Security Tips for smartphone users

The Growth Of Smartphones in India is expected to double to 859 million by 2022 from 468 million users in 2017, The World is Moving Towards Smartphones rapidly, as you know nowadays life is not possible without an expensive Smartphone,

Once Smartphones are used to make Phone calls, Sending Text Messages and Playing Games,

Now Time has been changed, with the invent of Smartphones. all the businesses and individuals are relying on their Smartphones from communicating with others, browsing the internet also for sending and receiving emails, besides this the Smartphone gamers are showing more interest towards niches like the Mobile casinos in India. This can be checked easily by checking the number of searches that this industry gets on mobile and by checking the number of apps available in that industry. There are more and more online casinos that try to create mobile responsive pages and apps that are taking a lot of time and effort to create. Of course, with the increase of mobile pages and apps amount and importance and the things you can do on them – there are always more and more people that will try to take advantage of the information of the users of these apps. The users must be aware of the security levels

Why you should care about Mobile Security

Smartphones are the mini-computers and can be exposed to various threats,

According to the ABI research, there is a massive growth of Smartphone threats since the last two quarters of 2012
And those threats may lead Smartphone users for personal data loss, harms to their Smartphones,

So here are some tips for securing your Smartphones from the common threats

Avoid using Public WiFi

Everyone likes freebies, but remember that Public WiFi is not safe, there are lot wireless spoofing exploits are out, an attacker can easily spy on you're a smartphone and know what you're doing on your smartphone by installing spyware remotely

Keep an Eye on Phishing Pages

Phishing is the most common web-based attack over the internet, always check the URL on your address bar if the site is not on https and seems unique then its better to leave that site,
it can be easily identified by using the latest Web Browsers like Chrome

Do not install Apps from Third Party Sites

Installing Apps from untrusted sources can infect your smartphone, no there are a lot of Spywares are spreading over the internet, if you're vulnerable to this kind of attacks then you have to face a huge risk

Update Your Smartphone OS Regularly

Sometimes there are some vulnerabilities are exists in your smartphone by the default if you ignore then hackers can easily exploit your smartphone and do as they wish,
It's a good practice to update your smartphone software as soon as new updates available

Always use Antivirus Softwares

By using Trusted Antivirus Apps on your smartphone is much more benefit, it will detect the hidden malware on your smartphone and not only that it will block phishing pages, notify you about the trojans, protects your device while enabling anti-theft

Turn off Wireless Connectivity

When wireless Connectivity is not in use the consider turning off your BT, WiFi Connections,
Blueborne is not alone, there are some critical exploits are out there Sometimes you're smartphones can be effected by Hackers

Must Use Screen lock Security option

There is no secret that using the screen lock features can protect your device even if it was going on the wrong hand,

I hope this article may help you to know the importance of Mobile phone security if you found this useful then feel free to leave your feedback
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