How To Hack TikTok Account

Hello guys, Today in this post am going to tell you how to hack Tiktok accounts

This tutorial is very easy and don't have to worry so much, there are lot of ways to hack Someone's tiktok account, but our tutorial is different and easy

How to hack Tiktok

What is Tiktok?

(In case if you don't know)

Tiktok is a Popular Short Video Sharing Platform, where anyone with a tiktok account can share their short videos

Ways to Hack Tiktok accounts

There are several ways to hack Tiktok accounts, but hacking Tiktok accounts is not easy at all, most of us think we can hack tiktok account with kali linux but we hack using Android too

When it comes to hacking Tiktok accounts, people say that you must have your victim smartphone in your hand to hack

Yes that's also possible, you can even hack without touching victim Device

There are mainly two ways to do so, one is when you have the victims phone, and another is when you don't have

how to hack tik tok accounts

Let's see how we can Hack Tiktok in 2020,

In our Previous Posts, I have told you how to Hack Facebook using Termux, also told you about Installing Advanced Phishing Tools in Termux, if you missed then you can read by following below links

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Steps to Hack Tiktok Accounts

In this tutorial we are using Termux

So First Install Termux app From Playstore

Then open Termux and Follow these Steps to Install Advanced Phishing Tool in Termux

After Installing Termux type this command


Then type

pkg install git


git clone


cd AdvPhishing && ls


chmod +x


chmod +x

Now type


Now you have to type y for yes, then it will ask for Ngrok Token, goto then signup there, and copy and paste the token code in Termux

Now you're ready, just type


Then type Y , Next You have to turn on Mobile Hotspot,

Hack Tiktok

You will get an interface like this, now you have to type 1 and hit enter for Tiktok

Now you will get a link as shown in Screenshot

Send the link to victim, and at the same time you have to goto

If you victim enters the login Number,

Use that number for login, and an OTP will be sent to your Victim

If your victim Enters OTP Credentials on the fake site then you will get that OTP on Termux, can use them to login to their account

That's all You can Gain Access to their account,

Hope you learnt how to hack tiktok account

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