Indian Hackers Launch A Massive Cyber Attack On Pakistani Websites

Indian Hackers Hacked Several Official Websites Of Pakistan, and posted national flag on it saying Happy Independence Day

On August 15 Saturday, Indian Hackers did a massive Cyber Attack on Pakistan Websites,

An Indian Hacktivist Group Named Indian Cyber Troops said they are Celebrating Independence Day by Hacking Pakistani websites

They Claim they have Hacked into Various Official & Educational websites of Pakistan, including Fatima Jinnah Women University

And they claim they have hacked and Leaked some sensitive data from various Pakistani government and Organization's Databases which is kept in private servers

 Websites appear like this when it hacked

Indian Hackers Hacked Pakistani Websites on Independence Day

Indian Cyber Troops Hacked Pakistani Websites

In the top, they have posted Indian Flag along With Lord Sri Ram's Photo

And Highlight this

Ram Lalla Hum Aayenge Mandir Karachi Or Lahore me bhi banayenge

In the Bottom, they have written #Free Balochistan

And highlighted

Dear Son Pakistan, say "Happy Independence Day" to father India. We missed your wishes today so thought we should ping you. This is the happiest day in the year, but you appear to be disappointed over this website?

List of Websites Hacked by Indian Cyber Troops

#HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY Websites Hacked By Indian Cyber...

Posted by Indian Cyber Troops on Friday, 14 August 2020

Here What People Saying


Not Only That Another Indian Hacktivist Group Named Lulzsec India also hacked Some Pakistani Government Websites, and this is the same group who recently hacked Pakistan PTV Website

Quetta Traffic Police - Balochistan,...

Posted by Mr. Po Panda on Friday, 14 August 2020

IG : @mickey.hexx Ig_lankapati

Posted by Mr. Po Panda on Saturday, 15 August 2020

Icrew Hackers role

On August 14, a Hacktivist group named ICREW Hacked various Pakistan Websites and said "Today World Terrorist day"

#InternationalTerroristDay -::WORLD "TERRORIST" DAY WISHES::- August 14 🏴 ;The day which Independence day is celebrated...

Posted by ICREW Hackers on Friday, 14 August 2020

It's not yet over, a few weeks ago Hacks and Security Hacked several Official Websites Of Pakistan

Many of you asked for it 🙂 List of the Pakistan websites that were hacked along with their archives of the time when...

Posted by Hacks And Security on Saturday, 15 August 2020

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